Free North Koreans From Concentration Camps and End The Genocide
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Free North Koreans From Concentration Camps and End The Genocide

    1. Crystal Cuddeback
    2. Petition by

      Crystal Cuddeback

      Boulder, CO

Millions have died of starvation and execution since the beginnings of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) aka North Korea. Routinely citizens are tortured and then sent to one of the country's many concentration camps, where torture generally continues. We must end the injustice, the suffering and the insanity.

This is a call to the world leaders to end this horrific crime on humanity. In the name of humanity we condemn Kim Jong-Un and the high-ranking officials of the KWP. We ask that you bring these villains to international court for their clear violation of UN international human rights law. Free the prisoners rotting away in the concentration camps.

Economic sanctions have proven ineffective- well besides increasing the victims of starvation. Kim Jong Un is clearly mentally incapacitated and we, the global community, urge you to take a stand. End this injustice once and for all.

We said "never again" to genocide. Let us fulfill our promise to humanity and end the suffering of our fellow human beings by freeing them. Over 114 countries support a unified democratic Korean peninsula (according to Wikileaks even China). If we stand united in our efforts to eradicate genocide we shall surely free the people, our fellow people, the North Koreans.

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      Crystal Cuddeback
      Petition Organizer

      Simply copy and paste the petition above into the text window on the website.

      The Fax # for The White House is: 202-456-2461

      I recommend that you address your fax(es) to either: President Obama, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and/or Joe Biden.

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    4. Born And Raised In A North Korean Concentration Camp: Google Documentary

      Crystal Cuddeback
      Petition Organizer

      Most in-depth documentary about North Korean Genocide available on the web. Tells the true story of Dong Hyuk Shin who escaped NK after being born and raised in one of NK's most brutal concentration camps. Provides satellite images of camps.

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    Reasons for signing

    • Ivette Lopez ANAHEIM, CA
      • 6 days ago

      No human should be in concentration camps. Especially CHILDREN. It's reprehensible.

    • Julia Reynolds TULSA, OK
      • 11 days ago

      I've recently seen a clip about a man who escaped from one of North Koreas many concentration camps. He was born there (the third generation in his family) because his great uncle had sided with South Korea in the Korean War. The fact that these people are being cajoled into turning their own family members in and the generational punishments cannot be allowed to continue. How dare we sit by and watch as these people suffer!

    • Roarke Martin CHAPPAQUA, NY
      • 18 days ago

      North Korea must end its ways

    • Natalie Hunter ASCOT, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 4 months ago

      This is unacceptable treatment for anyone to have to endure. END this NOW!!!!!!

    • Lucy Wendell AUSTRALIA
      • 5 months ago

      Every person deserves a good, long life. These concentration camps are extremely inhumane and barbaric. The leaders of this country have clearly violated the human rights law, and the prisoners suffering in these camps need to be freed now.


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