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Not allow Troy Aikman to commentate for Green Bay Packer games!

    1. Justin McAllan
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      Justin McAllan

      Oconto, WI

Troy consistently seems to speak seldom of any positives in the Green Bay Packers (outside of the irrefutable facts such as their star players' talents, their success in recent history, etc.), seeming to have a general bias against the Packer organization. He often expresses an overblown amount of skepticism in situations where the Packers had a penalty call go in their favor, or expresses suspicion when HE feels calls are not thrown against them, in addition to paying particular attention to self-appointed "problem areas". Unlike in situations such as away games where the commentators are most likely personalities local to the other teams, Troy Aikman's biases are still apparent in every Packer HOME game he telecasts. Please consider substituting one of your many other talented personalities or personality teams to announce Green Bay's home games, if not all Packer games! Thank you, from Cheesehead Nation!

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    • Dan Schuettpelz GREEN BAY, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Agree with you. I have to turn off the sound or listen to the radio. I have never seen or heard such a bias in all my years of watching football. He is a disgrace to all who commentate.

    • Justin McAllan OCONTO, WI
      • almost 2 years ago

      Packers, enough said!


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