Air More Women's Soccer Games On Television!
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Air More Women's Soccer Games On Television!

    1. Amanda Faella
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      Amanda Faella

There are many fans out there who love to keep up with their favorite sport's team; most specifically the US Women's National Soccer Team (which, by the way, ranks #1 in the world). Games are often played and only aired via online streaming. Not everyone has the best internet service and because of that, the games are often delayed or not available to watch due to slow bandwidth.

The US Men's National Soccer Team always airs their games on television - why can't the women's games also be aired? Shouldn't men and women be treated equally? Sure doesn't seem like there is equality between the men's and women's soccer teams. And it certainly doesn't seem like sports networks such as ESPN or Fox Soccer feel as if the women can be placed on the same level as the men.

They say it's because the venues which are holding the games are too small or because the games aren't held in our country - sorry, that is NO excuse. There are thousands of fans here in this country and other countries around the world who would love to see them play. The team members have said it themselves:

"[We] want to give our fans something to cheer about" - Abby Wambach

"We appreciate the ongoing support of our fans" - Heather O'Reilly

Well, how can we cheer and support them if we can't see them play? Doesn't make much sense - it's 2012. There are ways of getting more games aired on television so we don't have to keep refreshing the US Soccer's Twitter or Matchtracker page.

More games need to be aired on television. The US Soccer Federation needs to step up and fight for their team. The fans are outraged and taking the next step. Airing more games gives the fans something to look forward to and will hopefully increase the support by others around the world for this amazing group of women!

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    • Michelle Bacon KINGSPORT, TN
      • about 2 years ago

      Are you kidding me? This is crazy that we even have to ask. Check which sports generate the most interest and income in girls youth sports. Get a clue. This is 2012!

    • Doreen Scott JUPITER, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      I like watching women's sports!!!! I have 2 active sport playing daughters-both in soccer and guess what? They want to watch professional women soccer games and husband wants to support them and me and ACTUALLY likes watching womens's soccer...NOT fair about all the men getting the air play...

    • Sasha Murray GOOSE CREEK, SC
      • over 2 years ago

      These women who play are role models to me and the generations to come, but not being able to watch them play pretty much sucks. Most of the time, we're lucky to get a live webcast with bad quality, but any other time we have to look at updates of the matches via twitter, facebook, or matchtracker. Yeah sure, we find out the score, but nothing can beat actually watching it. I seriously just wanna watch them play that's it.

    • Eliza Mendoza FONTANA, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      The USWNT clearly deserves an equal share of airtime and this WILL lead to even greater things.

    • Wendy LeBolt HERNDON, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      Our young women need to see more high level soccer played with finesse, power and class.


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