Fort Worth Police kills innocent pet
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Fort Worth Police kills innocent pet

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      Aaron Hieronimus

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Cindy Boling fights back tears as she speaks of her recently deceased dog. “He literally has ripped our hearts out,” she said.

The ‘he’ she refers to is the Fort Worth Police officer who gunned down her pet on her front porch. On Saturday afternoon Cindy and her husband Mark were unloading their truck after a shopping trip when a Fort Worth police officer showed up and began to approach them. Their back gate was open and their two dogs, Gracie and Lillie were near them at the time.

Concerned for their pets’ safety, they told the officer the dogs were friendly. “I started yelling my dogs don’t bite please don’t hurt them. They’re going to come down and just greet you and I’ll grab them up and put them in the backyard,” Mark Boling said.

Mark caught Gracie, but Lillie was curious and ran up on the porch where the officer was standing. Her friendly demeanor would cost Lillie her life: within seconds the couple says the officer pulled out his pistol and shot her in the back.

“My dog was standing there looking like ‘I got a new friend’ and he turned and shot her in the back”, Mark Boling said.

Stunned and terrified, Lillie ran to the backyard, slowed to a standstill, drew her last breath and collapsed.

The officer was never meant to be there. He was called to 4917 Norma Street for a theft in progress, but instead reported to 4717 – the Boling residence. He was more than two blocks away from the scene of the crime.

A neighbor of the Bolings who came to the scene says she heard the officer say he thought Lillie was a pit bull. “I guess the officer that had shot Lillie I heard him say to the other one he said I was at the wrong house. I shot their dog and he said I thought it was a pit bull,” Sylvia Benavides said.

The Bolings have not received an apology from the department, but that is not their concern. They want to know that another family will not suffer the loss of an innocent pet at the hands of police. “My main concern is if he’s going to shoot an animal like that how is he going to react then in a real situation with a weapon,” Mark Boling said. His wife concurs, and says Lillie deserved better.

“We did everything in the world always to protect our girls. We never accounted for a man walking up our driveway with a gun and killing out little girl, our little Lillie”, Cindy Boling said.

Fort Worth Police Department
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Fort Worth Police Department.

Stop killing family pets

Because I think police should be held accountable just as any other person.



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    • Jenn Tate MACHESNEY PARK, IL
      • about 2 years ago

      If the cop can't tell the difference between a pit bull and a border collie, maybe he doesn't have enough intelligence to be carrying a gun either. Pit bull=short hair, broad head and chest. Border collie=fuzzy with medium to long hair and small, find muzzle and head. Duh. And even it if was a pit bull, that's still NO excuse for shooting it!!!

    • Alan Elster CARDIFF BY THE SEA, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Three dogs are part of our family

    • Erika Baurick FAIRBANKS, AK
      • about 2 years ago

      My heart broke reading what happened to Lillie. I hope that the police officer will be more careful from now on.

    • Kate Kenner JAMAICA PLAIN, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      I care. I am hearing far too many stories of dogs being killed by police. They are out of control and have become gun happy when it comes to shooting animals. I am sick of reading these stories and feel that all police need training and should suffer repercussions if they continue to shoo and kill innocent dogs.

    • David Gray BOSTON, MA
      • about 2 years ago

      I've heard several stories like this, and police officers have to stop being able to kill pets with impunity..


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