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    1. Mari Mack
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      Mari Mack

      Mill Valley, CA

There have been THREE accidents on Evergreen Avenue in Homestead Valkey since the 2012  construction of a controversial  "Safe Routes to Schools" funded impervious concrete slab. 

To fit the sidewalk, the County made physical changes to a street, changing a long standing "share the road" use pattern and has created an increase on speeding cars. 

This makes it more dangerous to cross the street. 

Also, engineering challenges during construction have resulted in the sidewalk being higher than some houses, worsening flooding problems for some residents and creating tripping hazards for others. 

ALL children are our children - and they deserve SAFE, GREEN streets - not more concrete!

Please  give the Marin County DPW the support they need to assist Evergreen residents to restore Evergreen's semi rural character, natural paths, with improved filtering. 

Protect endangered species in Reed Creek from the negative effects of unfiltered, storm water runoff!

Protect citizens downstream from the negative effects of flash flooding from unnecessary IMPERVIOUS pavements.

Set a positive example making an investment in a healthy watershed!


Please empower our Department of Public Works to collaborate with concerned residents of Homestead Valley to create a new model for a vital and sustainable world - a living, green street with slower traffic for a healthier walk on the watershed!

Evergreen - forever green!






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    1. Restore Evergreen

      Mari Mack
      Petition Organizer

      Construction of the impervious slab is complete - now, homeowners are dealing with raised road in some places, lowered in others. It's a bit of a challenge!

    2. UPdated Evergreen Living Streets Proposal

      Mari Mack
      Petition Organizer

      Goals / Priorities
      - Preserve Evergreen's 100% Safety Record
      - Environmental Health : Decrease Storm Water Runoff - Improve Natural Path Filtering Ability
      - Slow rain water, reduce flooding risk
      - Respect the TAM PLAN Guidelines
      -- Install ADA compliant permeable paving. At grade, homeowners can choose placement of parking - near the house or nearer to the street. If needed can be separated from road by plantings to separate parking area from pedestrian area.

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