Fordham University: We Oppose Ann Coulter Speaking at Fordham
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Fordham University: We Oppose Ann Coulter Speaking at Fordham

    1. Amalia Vavala
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      Amalia Vavala

      Wilmington, DE

November 2012


The College Republicans, the club sponsoring the talk by Ann Coulter, have just released the following statement: "The College Republicans regret the controversy surrounding our planned lecture featuring Ann Counter. The size and severity of opposition to this event have caught us by surprise, and caused us to question our decision to welcome her to Rose Hill. Looking at the concerns raised about Ms. Coulter, many of them reasonable, we have determined that some of her comments do not represent the ideals of the College Republicans and are inconsistent with both our organization’s mission, and the University's. We regret that we failed to thoroughly research her before announcing, that is our error and we do not excuse ourselves for it. Consistent with our strong disagreement with certain comments by Ms. Coulter we have chosen to cancel the event and rescind Ms. Coulter’s invitation to speak at Fordham. We made this choice freely, before Father McShane’s email was sent out and we became aware of his feelings – had the President simply reached out to us before releasing his statement he would have learned that the event was being cancelled. We hope the University community will forgive the College Republicans for our error, and continue to allow us to serve as its main voice of the sensible, compassionate, and conservative political movement that we strive to be. We fell short of that standard this time, and we offer our sincere apologies. Ted Conrad, President Emily Harman, Vice President Joe Campagna, Treasurer John Mantia, Secretary"

It has recently come to light that Fordham plans to host an event featuring Ann Coulter, Republican political commentator, as the guest speaker. Due to the immense bigotry, xenophobia, racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other forms of intolerance that she has displayed in her books, interviews, and otherwise over the course of her career, we believe that a fair percentage of Fordham’s student body and faculty will be uncomfortable with this decision. 

We concede there is room for discussion on both sides of the political spectrum. All voices, whether conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat, religious or secular, or anything in between- all human voices deserve to be heard. However, there is no room at a university whose motto is “men and women for and with others” for the endorsement of hate speech, especially when portions of the club funding sponsoring this event no doubt come from the tuition paid by all students at Fordham- including students of Muslim descent, black students, children of Hispanic immigrants, queer students, women, people with disabilities, and other groups Ann Coulter has belittled and insulted in the public sphere over the course of several decades, we feel something must be said.

Given the alarming events of hate speech, racism and homophobia which occurred on the Fordham campuses during the previous academic year, it seems especially inappropriate to invite such a speaker. Fordham’s extension of this honor to such a controversial figure could appear to be an endorsement of these dangerous, intolerant, and backward undercurrents which are now known to exist among factions of the student body. Especially in light of the riots President Obama’s re-election have incited on other college campuses, such as the University of Mississipi, it is especially important for the Fordham administration to reiterate last year’s message: that it stands firmly against hate speech and intolerance.
We have sent you this message because we hope that you will stand with us in protest of the Fordham administration’s decision on this issue. We may not be able to change minds, but we hope to at least make our voices heard.

Thank you,
Concerned Fordham Students

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    1. Petition Name Changed

      Amalia Vavala
      Petition Organizer

      Until we decide the best way to proceed in light of Father McShane's decision not to cancel the event featuring Ann Coulter, the petition name has been changed from "Fordham: Disinvite Ann Coulter..." to "Fordham: We Oppose Ann Coulter Speaking at Fordham."

      We will keep you updated with all future plans and efforts.

      Amalia Vavala

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      • almost 2 years ago


    • Marianne Hunkin ST. ALBANS, VT
      • almost 2 years ago

      As a graduate of Fordham University, I am incredibly disappointed with Fordham's decision to host Ann Coulter. Her inflammatory and offensive language is in complete opposition with Fordham's mission and values.

    • Cynthia Chou BROOKLYN, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      I am an alumna of Fordham University and I would not like to be an alumna of "the school that invited Ann Coulter to speak." Fordham champions their Jesuit values and education and yet will also give someone a platform to spew hate and bigotry.

    • B Speight YONKERS, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      As a Fordham student, I find the fact that there is any chance of someone who disvalues women, minority groups, and people who oppose her views in general extremely disconcerting. I cannot believe that someone filled with so much hatred (and misinformation!) could even be paid for her appearance. So disappointed in the poor choice of our Republican Students Club.

    • Benjamin Dreyer NEW YORK, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      The right to free speech does not mandate providing a platform for a woman who is nothing but a hatemonger and a provocateur. The university tell their Republican students that they are out of line, and overrule them.


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