For an education based on the experience of non-violence
  • Petitioned Dr. Alejandro CAZABAN

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Secretario General de la Gobernación-Gob. de Mendoza
Dr. Alejandro CAZABAN
Subsecretario Legal y Técnico - Gob. Mendoza
Dr. Fernando Mario SIMÓN
President of the United States

For an education based on the experience of non-violence

    1. Daniel Robaldo
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      Daniel Robaldo

      Mendoza, Argentina, Argentina

Is the immediate implementation of educational programs to train teachers and students in the methodology of nonviolence. Is to strengthen the body's own perception of the development of emotion through more hours of subjects related to art, music and theater. The observation of the mechanisms of the thinking and psychophysical techniques. From then on the formation of the Permanent Council of nonviolence up of students, teachers and not teachers, are organized based on common interests, to resolve conflicts in a holistic manner.

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