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Keep Beth Burns in Avalon Park

    1. Renee Hughes
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      Renee Hughes

      Orlando, FL

Avalon Park, FL is about to lose a wonderful doctor because Florida Hospital has refused to provide for their practice which she runs any additional medical resources, like another doctor or a nurse practioner. Florida Hospital has spent lots of money on advertising their Healthy 100 initiative but is not walking the walk with Dr. Burns. Dr. Burns is a caring, overworked, overwhelmed professional who has three children and I just found out is leaving our neighborhood. She needs and deserves the ability to balance her work and her family life. So she has turned in her notice but Florida Hospital, who owns her practice does not see anything wrong with working her way too many hours and not providing her the support she requires to continue to be successful. She has been a victim of her own success. Unfortunately, the entire community has been suffering becuase Dr. Burns' schedule is too busy for us to get in to see her when needed. And now we are losing her altogether.

Please help us ask Florida Hospital to be a healthy role model and provide a partner doctor or at least a couple nurse practioners for Dr. Burns. We have waited a long time to get a truly wonderful doctor out here and we need her!

Florida Hospital needs to provide Doctor Beth Burns with support personnel to allow her a work/life balance so she can continue to take care of her Avalon Park patients and her children.

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      Renee Hughes
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      However, Florida Hospital has hired a replacement for Dr. Burns and Dr. Burns has accepted another position.

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    • Lee Ann Casazza ORLANDO, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      She is a skilled, caring Doctor. So many of area residents beyond the neighborhood of Avalon Park but in East Orlando now travel to see her at this location. It would seem good business to grow this practice with a senior specialist, a cardio doc and orthopedics doc . If thier mission is extending the healing ministry of Christ, then extend it to this practice and Dr Burns. A doctor who daily is healing the sick, helping those in need, and offering them a new and better life. In her your hope is realized by her faithful viligance as a caregiver, her healing touch is felt by all who come to her for care.

      Her practice strengthens your commitment to health care in East Orlando. In fact, there are many patients without a voice today of Dr Burns (seniors) who believe that their spiritual and emotional health has been treated in her care and contibuted to their overall well being. Thank you.

    • Raj Rao ORLANDO, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      We can't lose her! She is an excellent and caring doctor. Florida Hospital should consider her a role model for other doctors.

      • over 2 years ago

      She is a wonderful doctor! Cares about her patients and took great care of my husband after his heart attack!! We need her here, but she needs to get help. She needs another doctor, or nurse practitioner, to ease her load! HELP HER!

    • Barb Whitehouse ORLANDO, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      I just started going to her and I love her! We can't lose her!

      • over 2 years ago

      Doctor Burns is an excellent doctor doing a great job, PLEASE, let her stay!


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