Repeal the mandate enforcing Florida High School Girls Lacrosse players to wear helmets
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Repeal the mandate enforcing Florida High School Girls Lacrosse players to wear helmets

    1. Mariana Hernandez
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      Mariana Hernandez

      Orlando, FL

On June 10th 2014, The Florida High School Athletic Association announced that girls would be mandated to wear helmets while playing lacrosse from the 2015 season, on. Already, this announcement has been met with much opposition on social media outlets and we are starting this petition to present a more unified opposition to the new rule change. US Lacrosse, the national governing body for all lacrosse organizations, has not passed a regulation or mandate in respect to helmets for Women's Lacrosse. The mandate will not only increase the cost of playing girls lacrosse but it will also impact the image of the sport. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in Florida and this mandate will only hamper its growth in what could potentially be a hotbed. This new rule could also discourage prospective out-of-state teams from coming and playing teams in Florida. Economically, the costs of these 'helmets' would add on to the already formidable cost of playing lacrosse and turn away girls that may be interested in this great sport, furthermore hindering its growth. We are not claiming to be experts in anything, but there are plenty of studies that show that Women's lacrosse is not as concussion-prone or contusion-prone as other sports, which questions the validity of this mandate. UPDATE: It has been proven that additional headgear in women's lacrosse has only increased the amount of injuries, making the sport rougher and less safe. The helmets could also potentially cause heat related issues.

We are asking that FHSAA rescind this mandate on account of the increased amount of injuries that it will cause.

UPDATE: Thanks to the support of US Lacrosse, there are multiple studies that show 

Florida High School Athletic Association
Matthew Fitzpatrick, Orange County Athletic Director
Rob Lindeman (Sport Administrator), Sport Administrator
Repeal the mandate enforcing High School Girls Lacrosse players to wear helmets in Florida.

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    1. FHSAA Helmet Mandate Update

      Mariana Hernandez
      Petition Organizer

      Hello everyone!
      Thank you again for signing the petition! I wanted to update you all on some recent news.
      FHSAA has recently announced that they will be holding a meeting that will be open to the public on Monday September 29. The address for that is 1801 NW 80th Boulevard Gainesville, FL 32606. You can request to speak at the meeting.

      Please tell your friends and family about this! Have them sign the petition or even send an email!

      Again, Thank You!

      Mariana Hernandez

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    • Tammy Tiehel-Stedman MALVERN, PA
      • about 9 hours ago

      As a former player and coach, it is my firm belief that as soon as girls begin wearing helmets, the game will move from one of skill and control to one of more aggression and violence.

    • Megan Petza BALTIMORE, MD
      • 1 day ago

      I have been playing lacrosse since 4th grade and still continue to play in college. I think this is an irresponsible decision due to the fact that it ENCOURAGES rough playing/behavior from girls now as opposed to MAYBE helping stop concussions.

      • 1 day ago

      Daughter plays lacrosse.Thanks

    • christina burroughs PENFIELD, NY
      • 2 days ago

      I have grown up without wearing helmet and have seen that helmets often lead to more concussions because people become less careful

    • Shannon Sweeney WAYNE, PA
      • 2 days ago

      Because I have played lacrosse all of my life and Ive never had to wear a helmet. I don't want to start now that I am playing in college.


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