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Lily's Law - Barriers for Childcare Facilities Located on Busy Traffic Thoroughfares.

    1. Kelly Mitchell
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      Kelly Mitchell

      Winter Park, FL

Lily, I didn't know who I was praying for when I heard the emergency vehicles and helicopters in our neighborhood in Winter Park, Florida, this week, I just knew to pray.


When I heard that there was a car that plowed into a childcare facility, I prayed for the strength your little bodies needed to survive this horrible accident. I was further devastated when I heard a young life was lost as a result.


I'm so sorry that you were taken from our world at such a young age. I just saw your picture from your last birthday, four years old, in your princess crown. Your mom said your favorite movie was Frozen. I wish I had the opportunity to meet you before you were taken from us. All I can do is promise I will fight to seek justice on your behalf, whatever way I can.


Lily, I'm even more ashamed that this world, and the lack in childcare facility regulation laws, have let you down the way they did -- as a result, you were never given a chance to grow up from the little princess you were, to the queen that you would be! 


I know I speak on behalf of us all here on earth when I say that there is some peace knowing you are in heaven with the angels, and I promise you, I will be fighting with the most powerful people I can find willing to support a change in our laws, in your name, to protect your fellow childcare friends from this type of harm. With your support from heaven Lily, we will make change in childcare facility regulation laws on your behalf. 


Please join my petition for Lily's law:


I am seeking traffic resistant barrier regulations for the childcare facilities that are located on the outskirts of busy thoroughfares. If these were in place, Lily may still be here on earth with us today. 


I suggest such addition is added under the following code of law because we completely lack these type of protective barriers in childcare's physical environment regulations:

Rule 65C-22.002, F.A.C.Fla. Admin. Code r. 65C-22.00265C-22.002. 

Physical Environment.




We are fighting for you Lily. For the beautiful little Princess in heaven! 




Florida Governor
Florida State Senate
Florida State House
Lily's Law - Barriers for Childcare Facilities Located on Busy Traffic Thoroughfares.

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    • yulia ditcheva ORLANDO, FL
      • 3 months ago

      Because i am a mother and i knew Lily.She use to make me smile on my long dbl shift at the restaurant i work.Miss you Princess

    • Elizabeth Grafals LONGWOOD, FL
      • 4 months ago

      children safety

    • Sherryl Childers OREGON CITY, OR
      • 5 months ago

      Safety and protection of people, especially children. Prevention!

    • Gibson Gahan RICHMOND, VA
      • 6 months ago

      No parent should worry about their children's safety.

    • Camille Bennett NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA
      • 6 months ago

      Because I am a mother.


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