Investigate ALEC's tax exempt status
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Florida Attorney General
Pam Bondi

Investigate ALEC's tax exempt status

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      Carlos Milan

      St Petersburg, FL

It is time for Florida to investigate whether ALEC has broken state tax laws, lobbying disclosure rules and gift regulations. It is our right as citizens of the state to find out what is happening behind ALEC's closed doors since it is clearly having an effect on the enactment of state law. They have been a tax exempt group for the last 40 years. Their model operates like this. Member corporations pay thousands of dollars for membership. Legislators pay a minimal fee. They hold secret meetings where lobbyists for corporate interests shop their model legislation to said legislators. When these legislators go home, they introduce these chosen bills in their respective states. This is how "Stand Your Ground" laws, and many others, have spread throughout the nation after being successfully pushed by the NRA in Florida. If ALEC wants to lobby our elected officials, that's fine, but doing so in the dark and as a tax exempt organization is completely out of order.

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    • LaVaughn Cottell NAPLES, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Prove to us Pam, that ALEC doesn't own you. Why do they qualify for a tax exempt status?

    • Jarrett Terrill FORT LAUDERDALE, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      It's the least you can do in light of the horribly misguided Citizens United ruling. Nowhere in our constitution does it say "By the Corporations, For the Lobbyists"...


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