Flat Tax Now!
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Flat Tax Now!

    1. Shannon Martin
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      Shannon Martin

      Plattsburgh, NY

Since all the talk about the recession began back in 2008, things have not gotten better for anyone that has since suffered from this unnecessary crisis. They want to cut Social Security, cut Medicaid or Medicare or Wildlife Preservation or the countless cries in this country for a real change and not a corporate one. All I want is to see everyone pay a fair and equal share, simple as that. Flat Tax :D

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    • Cassie Cayea PLATTSBURGH, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      If everyone- Corporations, organizations, etc. pays an equal share of taxes, this country's finances would improve dramatically. A flat tax is the fairest, best financial plan of any kind that this country has seen in years.

    • Shannon Martin PLATTSBURGH, NY
      • about 3 years ago

      We need a fair policy when it comes to taxation, not more bullshit that usually accompanies yet more taxes. Lets start talking about that. What's this with GE not paying any taxes, and THEN getting a tax refund for taxes it didn't pay? Also, why are organizations that worship invisible sky gods, and their perpetrators, not required to pay their fair share like everyone else?


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