Five Minutes to End the War on Science
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Five Minutes to End the War on Science

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I pledge to spend five minutes talking with a friend or a stranger about why scientific inquiry should not be an exception but the rule in developing national policies.

One of the biggest challenges facing our world is the politicization of science and erosion of scientific facts in political debates.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new. Anti-science views have been and continue to be prevalent in a wide range of national debates, including security policy, health care, stem cell research, evolution, energy solutions, causes of pollution, climate change, among many other issues that affect our lives each and every day. There are usually no easy answers. These complex issues require rigorous scientific analysis.

If you believe that the disregard of science is a threat to the future security of the United States and the international community, then please sign our petition below to show your support!

By signing the petition below you also pledge to spend five minutes talking about this issue with a friend or a stranger. Only through factual, non-partisan dialogue, can we fight against the politicization of science, and create a more informed world!

FAS asks that you please opt-in – and provide your email address – so that we may keep you informed on all of our critical efforts to make the world more secure through science. 


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