Fire Jamie P. Olson from Wyoming Wildlife Services
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Fire Jamie P. Olson from Wyoming Wildlife Services

    1. WEEAC Worldwide Events Ending Animal Cruelty
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      WEEAC Worldwide Events Ending Animal Cruelty

      Walworth, WI

Animal cruelty is Never acceptable. And we will not now nor ever allow our tax payer dollars to pay for such heinous acts.


Jamie P. Olson, accused of allowing dogs to tear to shreds, animals that are caught in traps.

An "employee" of Wyoming Wildlife Services......
Apparently, this is standard for the way they handle things in wildlife services

8 months of investigation, and still this man works for them. Has not been fired, and no results in the investigation. 
EIGHT MONTHS! Plenty of time to realize this guy needs to be fired, even prosecuted for such a heinous act.

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    • Danne Johansson KALMAR, SWEDEN
      • 4 months ago

      a sociopath shouldnt be near neither animals nor children

    • Rexine Newhouse PETERSBURG, MI
      • 4 months ago

      Completely unacceptable and how DARE a government employee-WILDLIFE employee do this. If this kind of lowlife is what the govenment employs they should be ashamed!!! Horrible, Wildlife employees should be protecting the wildlife not torturing them.

    • Alessandra Capalbo TAMPA, FL
      • 4 months ago

      I love nature and camping in the wild. I love the fact our beautiful United States of America has many beautiful wild places to visit and camp in. Jamie P. Olson should not be recieving my tax money to torture animals to death, that money is to go to keeping our wild places beautiful. He must be fired, I demand it! He must NOT be transferred and hidden in the government, he is a monster and must be fired!!

    • Jay Meek BALTIMORE, MD
      • 4 months ago

      I think perhaps your entire agency needs to be disbanded and charges filed against you and all your sociopathic employees like J. Olsen. Why isn't he fired? Why isn't he bing charged with animal cruelty, how can you as the secretary of agriculture allow more shame and raw hate to be thrown on you and your agency. Are you so stupid and such a beuracratic numbskull that you don't have the balls to do what is right and should have been done months ago and fire this sick Olsen and/or charge him? What is wrong with this country when his actions are tolerated long after they are uncovered. What kind of person are you?

    • Paola Michel ORLANDO, FL
      • 10 months ago

      This man is sick, and the fact that our government keeps him employed only makes it worse.


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