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Fine BGE $100 million for power failure

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      Senators Jim Rosapepe and Brian Frosh .

MD Public Service Commission has the power to fine BGE for its power failures --
and to plan to use it to create a "surge reserve" of trained local technicians to restore power promptly

Senator Jim Rosapepe (D, College Park) and Senator Brian Frosh (D, Montgomery) have written Maryland PSC Chair Doug Nazarian asking the PSC to impose fines of more than $100 million each for Pepco and BGE to fund a "Surge Reserve" of trained workers to end long power failures.

And you can sign on to their letter.

In the next few weeks, the PSC will be investigating the BGE power failures and deciding whether or not to get tough. The PSC has all the authority it needs.

But it needs to hear from customers who were the victims.

"The results of (the power companies') failure to face reality and modernize are clear to all Marylanders -- food rotting in refrigerators, hourly workers laid off, small businesses closed for days, and hundreds of millions of dollars in goods, services and productivity lost by our constituents," Senators Rosapepe and Frosh wrote.

In 2011, the Maryland legislature required the PSC to set reliability standards and increased the fines the PSC can impose to $25,000 per customer per day.

With this authority, the Senators urge the PSC to:

-- impose significant fines on the utilities for their power failures, based on the economic dangers they caused and the need to incentivize them to change their behavior;
-- develop a plan to modernize our electric infrastructure of the 21st century, including selective undergrounding;
-- propose a "surge reserve" plan to the Governor providing enough technically-trained local professionals to restore service promptly to customers in the next predictable extreme weather event.

If you agree, go to the petition page and add your name!


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    • Ranford Alston Alston PIKESVILLE, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      Constant power outage during regular rain storms.

    • Doris Robinson BOWIE, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      I am signing not becuase I lost power - I have been fortunate over ther past 2 years - but I believe all of the companies need to modernize and minimize, if not eliminate, outages.

    • Prabhakar Kudva LANHAM, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      We did not see any BGE guys in our neighborhood for 5 days. We had to move to a hotel, throw out food, worry about basement flooding because of the electric sump pump in the basement and had to store my insulin in a friends refrigerator. It cost us almost $800 for the week. It looks like BG&E has become totally unreliable and they could not care less or even bother to give us a proper estimate when power would be restored.

      I am pretty sure it is itching to raise our rates to make up for their lost income. This is beyond unacceptable indeed

    • Elaine McGinnis LANHAM, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      I echo the statement that failure to plan ahead is the real reason for this horrific week of no power, rotted food, no water, etc., for many BGE customers. Relying on importing crews from Canada ( 2 days away) is beyond nutty. What did this cost us vs. having a trained local surge reserve?

      Perhaps when it's rate increase and salary increase time, we should offer excuses, not money, to these overpaid do-nothing executives. Even then, they will not have suffered as thousands of their clients have in this and many other storms for years.

      Shape up, BGE, or let someone else take over.

    • Margaret Cadorette ARNOLD, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      In any other business poor performance results in loss of income. Failure to plan ahead (i.e. "surge reserve") is poor performanmce. Failure to modernize by undergrounding is poor performance. Too expensive" is poor planning and an excuse, not a reason -- other businesses have to moidernze to stay viable. The power companies should not be exempt from penalization.


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