Fighting Illegal Aliens In the USA
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Funding for Illegals from tax payers
La Raza
Michigan Governor
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Fighting Illegal Aliens In the USA

    1. Linda Brazier
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      Linda Brazier

      Dearborn, MI

Pleasse Stand up and fight for your rights and take back what the Illegal's are stealing ....No to Amensty ....No for Illegal's to use our schools .....No to Illegal's useing our Hospital's On our taxes

They are here Breaking our Laws.....this is not a Race issue this is our Laws.....What is this telling the Legal People who come here's Like a huge Slap to their face.....

March on Washington this fall ...please join us on Facebook at (March on Washington Against Illegal Immigration)

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    • Brenda Reed WESTON, WV
      • over 3 years ago

      The typing, spelling, and grammar in this letter are not perfect, but I agree perfectly with its message. The only solution to the illegal alien problem is deportation of every single one.


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