Regain Our Civil Liberties
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Regain Our Civil Liberties

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      Jesse Ventura

My Fellow Americans,

Do you know what happened in Australia a few years ago when the country's legislature failed to make a budget? They were all fired. The Australians fired them and instituted new elections for the entire Legislature.

We need to stop voting for those who do not have our interests in mind. Stop voting for these DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans who put their political parties first, special interest groups second, and we, the American people, third.

If these elected officials want to keep their jobs, we must petition our government to make them actually do their jobs, or else vote them out of office immediately. Remember: they work for us. It's time they remember that.

Express your anger by taking action to regain our Democracy. Add your signature to my petition.

Governor Jesse Ventura
38th Governor of the State of Minnesota


From the Desk of former Governor Jesse Ventura

I have been asked by my constituents—The American People—to present to you, their elected federal leaders, with their Petition for Governmental Redress of Grievances, as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:

Petition for Governmental Redress of Grievances

We, The People, being the true and just Sovereign Body of this Republic, hereby declare to Our Elected Representatives—who derive their powers from the consent of We, The Governed— That:

As provided by The Constitution of the United States, we seek and demand immediate actions and attentions guaranteeing full redress of the following:

*    Repeal of all provisions of “The Patriot Act” which are not in accordance with the historical concepts of the Civil Liberties of Americans—including the refusal of legal representation to the accused, the use of torture, and of imprisonment without due process of law and trial, especially under “secret” confinement;

*    Immediate release to the public of all documents concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy;

*    Abolish the Income Tax and replace it with a national sales tax. That way we get our money first and the government gets theirs based upon what we spend. So that directly links the government to the economy and forces them to have our best interests in mind.  Also Reduce Excessive Defense Spending to the level actually necessary for our Defense; and to then use Our Resources as follows:

1. Ensure that the Social Security system remains solvent and fully funded for Every American paying into the system;

2. Institute a National Jobs Program to create employment by repairing bridges, roads and other public works of our nation’s Failing Infrastructure; like the WPA Program of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the goal of this program is to provide a job to every family which has suffered long-term unemployment;

3. Increase teacher salaries and funding for schools to levels which actually reflect our commitment to Excellence In Education;

4. Ensure that Every American, regardless of income level, has access to Basic Health Care needs. Health care should be a basic right. Any parent of a child knows that when your child is sick—it’s not an option. You have to get them the care that they need. That shouldn’t be for the wealthy, or for the fortunate.

That should be EVERYBODY.

As Our Elected Representatives, we hereby implore you to sign this petition and to pledge your support of the above stated principles.


Federal Elected Officials, Senate, Congress, Mr. President
Regain Our Civil Liberties

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    • dennis martin COOKEVILLE, TN
      • 23 days ago

      its time to stop giving to politicians and start giving back to the people

      • 26 days ago

      We need to address the problems in this country head on! We need to be able to speak the truth and get the truth from our leaders and news. The politicians, Congress , Senate, and the presidency are tools of the big corporations in this country. We need to take back our country. I think the U.N is not doing what it was set up to do in the beginning. Invite them to leave the U.S! Maybe China would put them up for awhile. ;) If we do not take a stand about our civil liberties being stepped on and abolished daily we will be powerless.

    • RJ Mejias LEESBURG, FL
      • 29 days ago

      Liberty before Government Control

      • about 1 month ago

      My family started the American Life Saving Service in the Outer Banks area. They sacrificed everything for this country and for us to be free and safe. This is our God given right to be free. Evil controls the government and must be removed. Mr. Ventura needs to run for President. Our children deserve freedom, prosperity, liberty, and justice in God's laws not man. Obamanation has no right or authority to take away what this country was founded on.

    • paul panarese ALAMEDA, NM
      • about 1 month ago

      Tired of our elected officials not doing there highly over-payed jobs!!


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