Federal Anti-dog Fighting Intervention to Sever Gang Activity Funding & Vice
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Federal Anti-dog Fighting Intervention to Sever Gang Activity Funding & Vice

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The rise in gang violence since the 1980s caused lawmakers to seek a variety of methods to curb the formation and activities of these gangs. According to statistics from the National Youth Gang Center, more than 24,500 gangs, consisting of more than 770,000 members, exist in about 3,330 cities in the United States. Congress spends as much as $20 billion per year in HEALTH CARE costs treating victims of gunshot wounds, and many of the incidents involving guns also involve street and other types of gangs.


Gang activities are often funded by a very underground blood sport called DOG FIGHTING. By strengthening dog fighting laws to the Federal realm not limited to Interstate involvement will put a serious blow to organized crime and the illegal weapon and narcotics trade. Anti-dog fighting laws are efficient to bring down gang activities. *This intervention should also extend to cock-fighting* also linked to gang activities.*

PERPETUATION OF VIOLENCE AND VICE: Gangs use dog fighting rings to distribute illegal weapons and narcotics-which will be used in armed robberies and home invasions. Dog fighting is also about illegal gambling, and income tax evasion: Each dog fight can bring in purses as large as $100,000.00 per fight.

CHILD ABUSE IN DOG FIGHTING RINGS: Dog fighters and gangs bring their CHILDREN to such fights and teach them torturing animals is "normal, perpetuating the cycle of violence. Virtually all dog fighters and their spectators have a history of criminal violence.  "One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it," Margaret Meade, Anthropologist.

FBI serial killer profiling confirms mass murderers start off by torturing animals due to the complete disregard for living things and lack of conscience.

Solution: Include Federal charges with dog (and cock) fighting and their  attendants who knowing gamble and watch dog fighting,  not restricted to Interstate involvement. Note the illegal gambling aspect.

Illegal in all 50 States, dog fighting remains a national epidemic due to the lure of big money, illicit drugs,  and illegal weapon exchanges they are willing to take that chance; many Felony charges are also reduced to misdemeanors, therefore the necessity of a Federal law to further deter such heinous crimes and spread of vice and violence via gangs. 

Thank you.

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    • Betty Brooks ABILENE, TX
      • 8 months ago

      It is wrong on all levels

    • Gabrielle Taylor NEW YORK, NY
      • 8 months ago

      ANIMAL CRUELTY should not be tolerated in ANY civilized society! Shame on our elected officials to allow this to keep happening.

    • Lauren Parisi MADISON, WI
      • 8 months ago

      You want to see a fight? Go fight another human. How dare you have animals fight for their survival, only for your pure enjoyment. An animal has the right to live a long and healthy life with humans who only help them prosper. They are there for companionship and only want your love. One can only hope they escape from such vile criminals and cowardly people.

    • Mary Clark FLAT ROCK, IL
      • 8 months ago

      So many innocent animals are maimed and abused for the pleasure of sick and inhumane people

    • Austin Cottle ANTRIM, NH
      • 8 months ago

      I have an amazing rescued pitbull from a huge pitbull fighting gang and he is the best dog you could ask for, we need to protect these amazing breed and stop mistreating them, and toughen the laws for longer sentences.


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