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Stop wasting taxpayer money investigating/prosecuting athletes.

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      JT Whitehead

      Center Point, IA

Stop wasting taxpayer money prosecuting athletes who may or may not have taken performance-enhancing drugs.

Our government has a fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers of this country that is not being met. We have serious economic and deficit issues that are critical to address. Stop wasting our money investigating sports organizations, and bringing to trial athletes that may or may not have taken performance-enhancing drugs. Focus government resources and funding on issues that really matter. Spending millions of dollars to investigate and prosecute the likes of Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, and Roger Clemens does not instill confidence in Leadership, it just further demonstrates the gap between politicians and their constituent.

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    • Karen Steele WESTMINSTER, MD
      • over 2 years ago

      This is why America is in a time of near economic colapse. Are You that desperate for work that You have to pick on an American HERO and INSPIRATION [ not once..not twice....but SEVEN Times], litle late aren't YOU? You people wreak of decay.


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