Food with trans fat cannot state 0g trans fat per serving
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Food with trans fat cannot state 0g trans fat per serving

    1. elena martinez
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      elena martinez

      suisun city, CA

Trans fat is the absolute worst type of fat in existence. Unlike saturated fat, absolutely no amount of trans fat should ever be consumed. Seeing food with 0 grams of trans fat per serving makes the consumer think that the food is trans fat free. This is usually not the case. The FDA allows food companies to put 0g on trans fat per serving on their products as long as the food has .49 grams of trans fat or less. The fact that it's per serving is of utmost importance. If you eat 2 servings of chips, you could be eating nearly 1 gram of trans fat, although the label states 0 grams of trans fat. Trans fat causes heart disease, it is a deadly killer. It raises bad cholesterol, and unlike saturated fat, trans fat can never come out of your arteries unless you have an open heart surgery. No amount of trans fat is safe to eat.

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