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Stop allowing Hair Drug test and conduct more research on them.

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      April Brock


Because False Positive Results are ruining peoples lives. There is a large number of people in society that have been falsely accused of doing drugs based on the hair test. They are loosing their jobs, getting their kids taken away, or going to prison for no reason. I am a victim of a false positive and nobody else should have to go through what damage has already been done to others. The test are inaccurate and unreliable and not used by Federal Employees because the Government knows they are not . Why let other people be a victim of failed Technology. Please Help Stop This! It could happen to you.

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      • almost 2 years ago

      These test are inconclusive and ruins lives.

    • Laura Martin DECATUR, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      I just lost the job I was in training for when my drug screen came back positive for marijuana. They didn't ask about my medications at the time of the test, but called to interview me after it came back positive. I told the doc about Amberen for menopause, and occasional Hydrocodone for migraines. He said they didn't test for over-the-counter meds, and that my pain medication wouldn't show up as a positive. I couldn't remember the name of the Naproxen I take for joint pain until I got home and looked at the bottle, plus the doctor was so short with me that I couldn't think clearly. I wasn't expecting any problems in the first place, so I had no prepared answers.

      So I hit the web to do some research. I found out that Ibuprofen is another culprit - which I take. I NEVER even thought about such a common medication as being my enemy for a drug screening. If this is such a regular occurance, then why don't they check for those substances during screenings as well?

      I also found several articles about baby shampoos giving false positives on babies. If you have small children and ever use their products for yourself...BEWARE.

      With all the possibilities for false positives, WHY do the tests have such power over our lives?!?

      Mine was a urine test. They are no better than the hair testing! This is wrong, and needs to be stopped.

    • Jason Starnes ROCK HILL, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      This has got to work. It is so hard for someone to find a decent job already and with bad readings on drug test it just makes it harder.

    • LeighAnn Forsythe ROCKHILL, SC
      • about 2 years ago

      This happened to my sister! It was horrible! Everyone that knows her knows that she has never and would never take drugs. We could not believe it when the test came back positive for drugs. We were all in shock right along with her. We all knew something was wrong. Not only did she lose her job but it emotionally tore her up. Being accused, i'm sure, for something you haven't done has to be horrible. I felt so bad and it wasn't me directly that it happened to. Thank God my sister is persistant and will stop at nothing to prove she is right. (lol, from the other sister's opinion, hey i grew up with her! lol) Nah, all jokes aside she decided to get another test done from another agency. A trusted one, trusting enough that the government uses and guess what negative! Now she is determined to get her job back and help others who this has happened to. This all happened just in the past couple of weeks, so hopefully good news is to come. But in the meantime, people are losing what is important to them in their lives or possibly going to jail because of false positive hair sample test for reasons of human error, medical conditions, or just because the tester decides to tamper with the samples. (see false positive drug test woman goes to jail for sending over 1000 people to prison Sept 28 2012 on you tube) Also on you tube, you can read others stories about what happened to them because of being falsey accused. if hair samples for drug produce to many false positives then it has to stop, peeing in a cup has never hurt anyone!

    • Aimee Smith JEROME, AZ
      • about 2 years ago

      As technology advances I can not understand why this can't be fixed. Blood and urine are much more accurate.


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