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FDA and USDA: Stop POISONING our children NOW allow us to vote!
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U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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FDA and USDA: Stop POISONING our children NOW allow us to vote!

    1. Dan Allen
    2. Petition by

      Dan Allen

      Spring Valley, United States

It's time for a change.
It’s time to remove the presidential power to elect the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of the FDA and the USDA. These Federal Agencies have repeatedly ignored studies regarding the safety of additives in food, water and the safety of drugs.

These department heads are aware that there are many artificial preservatives that have been shown to cause everything from cancer to neurodevelopmental issues especially in our children. The nitrates we use to preserve and color our meats are toxic, studies show Aspartame causes a drastic increase in brain tumors, certain food colorings are toxic, and plastics that leach chemicals into our food are being used in food packaging and storage.

We are moving into a new era an era where our food is no longer simply grown but engineered. An era where small farmers wishing to use conventional methods and seeds are persecuted with frivolous law suits with no merit until they are financially drained to the point of compliance. Despite the fact that most modernized counties in the world have stopped allowing the introduction, cultivation and sale of some or all GM crops these agencies which are supposed to protect us continue to allow it and in fact continue to encourage it and make it more difficult to oppose. Current estimates are up to 85% of Corn, 91% of Soybeans and 88% of Cotton is engineered. It's also estimated over 70% of the processed foods in your local supermarket contain genetically modified product. The effects on our environment are just as severe from threatening animal, plant and microbial species with extinction from biological pollution and contamination.

They know studies show fluoride substantially lowers IQ and actually increases incidence of dental fluorosis and despite the fact that most modernized counties in the world have stopped adding fluoride to their water our policies remain unchanged.

There are simply too many drugs, additives and foodstuffs these agencies know are toxic and are poisoning us and our children to list. The side effects of these products are staggering; cancer, depression, disorientation, eye damage, fatigue, headaches, obesity, increase in LDL (bad) cholesterol, inflammation, diabetes, tissue damage, heart attacks, heart disease, strokes, cardiac arrest, lower IQ, asthma, hypotension, fluorosis, bronchial issues, flushing tingling sensations, anaphylactic shock, chromosomal damage, brain, pancreatic, kidney and adrenal gland tumors, endocrine disruption, emotional and behavioral changes, lymphoma, seizures, interference with brain-nerve transmission and neurodevelopmental Issues.

Inadequate labeling laws, slow response and general neglect for the health and safety of United States citizens is appalling. Several members of these Federal organizations have deep financial ties or were previous high ranking employees of these companies who manufacture these toxins and put it into our food and drugs. The people must have a right to elect the officials who oversee these departments. It's time the people who these policies affect, the citizens of the United States of America get to choose who we want to put our faith in.

It's time to take a stand it's time to take the power into our own hands and decide what belongs in our food what our plastics are used for and who oversees this decision making. Take a stand today for you and for your children. We have to have change and we have to have it now!


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    1. Research Study Details

      Dan Allen
      Petition Organizer

      I know most of you have gotten an email regarding the blog I have setup with abstracts and links to full texts of several studies that prove the negative effects of these products. I hope this will be a valuable resource for everyone to see for yourselves or a good place to find research studies to share. Everything is very easy to navigate and I will continue to update the blog with new research as I wade through literally thousands of studies. Hope to see you there! http://hlrcommunity.blogspot.com

    2. Reached 250 signatures
    3. Possibly coverage in local newspaper

      Dan Allen
      Petition Organizer

      I have discussed covering this petition in several media outlets. They are looking for more traction and support before making a decision. I am confident we can reach the numbers they are looking for to get this picked up in these outlets.

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    Reasons for signing

      • over 1 year ago

      The poisoning of my food scares me to death.

    • Jaime Smith EAGLE POINT, OR
      • almost 2 years ago

      For the health of my children

    • Alexandra Seymour PALO ALTO, CA
      • almost 2 years ago

      Food in America is a disgrace....most of it is run by big business corporations who DO NOT have to care about the people, only the profit. Our country eats food that is not fit for an animal and many of us don't even realize until our tummies are hurting, our bodies start protruding in every which direction and our moods have shifted form possessing energy to being LAZY. We need to feed our people right so that they reap the benefits of a healthy mind.

    • scott budd COVINGTON, KY
      • almost 2 years ago

      because everyone will have cancer if this isn't stopped.

    • Alexander Klimento SUNNYSIDE, NY
      • almost 2 years ago

      Chronic poisoning lead to debilitating conditions, crippled lifestyle and eventually premature deaths. We have no alternative to stop suicidal practice of ignorance, negligence and greed in our society, in food and environment first of all.


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