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Allow gays to donate blood.

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      Newburgh, NY


The FDa's policy barring "men that have sex with men" is a discriminatory practice and demeans all of us in the lgbt community by assuming that our blood is toxic. At the time this was instated it may have made sense, considering the limited knowledge of HIV/ AIDS at the time, but now it is antiquated and needs to be changed. By allowing this practice to go on you are infact huting your own cause, depriving many people of life saving blood from the millions of gays with untainted blood. As high risk a group you say the "men that have sex with men" group is the statistics aren't so high as to exclude a potential pool of millions. In short not only is this policy counter intuitive, but perpetuates a sense of second class citizenship among the gay community.


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    • Anton Beierhuber NEW YORK CITY, NY
      • about 2 years ago

      I would go a step further and say that gay men should start to stop donating organs as long as they are allowed to donate blood. Why are our organs are OK but not our blood?

    • Richard Seeger CHEBOYGAN, MI
      • over 2 years ago

      There already is a similar petition, but truely we need them to understand the simple truth that not all Gays have AIDS, and if they did, we have the ability to screen them, telling us no.


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