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change custody to mom

    1. Marco Campos
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      Marco Campos

      San Diego, CA

Because Jacob (15 yrs old) wants and prefers to be with his mom. He is very unhappy with his living situation currently. His silent cry for help are not enough to get this situation change by family court. Father has a past of child sexual abuse , he has admitted to sexual abuse several times and I fear for society for a sexual deviant roaming the streets. and having full custody of a child that has not and did not wanted to go to live with him since he was 7 yrs old that was taken by force in extreme fear by the District Attorney to the father. this child has been abused physically , mentally and emotionally and I feel that every american has the right to live free from abuse .If you believe in freedom and Justice for all please sign this petition my name is Marco Polo Campos and my little brother is Jacob Burrell and the abusive father is James Burrell.

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