Stop banning people from sending friend requests
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Stop banning people from sending friend requests

    1. highwayman joe
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      highwayman joe

      New York, NY

When it happens to you, you will be shocked, angry, dismayed and depressed. What is it? Getting banned or blocked from sending friend requests on Facebook. FB apparently set up something to stop spamming, but it’s not working the way it was originally intended. Innocent people who are just trying to make friends are being banned by this system. You can get banned for sending just one friend request or for one person saying that they don’t know you. And the bans can last anywhere from two days to thirty days and you can get banned over and over. FB encourages its members to add friends in many ways then bans them for trying to add those very friends that FB suggests. It is totally illogical and does not benefit the members or FB themselves.

I formed a group on FB also, which in less than two months reached over 1000 members who all have the same problem. But this is just the tip of the iceberg and the problem is getting worse. To add insult to injury it is impossible to contact FB to complain to them because they have no customer service. Sign this petition. Join the group on FB, FACEBOOK BANS FRIEND REQUESTING. Add your voice to this protest so that Facebook remains the best social networking site on the Internet.


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    • Rebecca Harden SPARTANBURG, SC
      • 8 months ago

      I have gotten banned several times for no reason at all. Its stupid and uncalled for.

    • Holly Principato MADISON, WI
      • 8 months ago

      I feel this is important because I enjoy meeting people from all over this BIG WORLD we live in. To read their stories. Sometimes you find friends that are like minded. That is a plus right out of the gate, because it initially gives you something to start a conversation about,(i.e. same bands you like, animals, vehicles), whatever interest you, you are apt to meet someone who has the same feelings as you do, or come close.

    • Joe Meyer MEDINA, NY
      • 8 months ago

      It is getting ridiculous I haven't sent a friend request in months FACEBOOK U R AN ASSHOLE

    • Shaneel Sami SUVA, FIJI
      • 9 months ago

      If facebook is a place to connect and meet new people then why can't we do just that ?

      We get blocked for 2days 7 days 14 days and 30 days


      It saddens me that the sole purpose of "socialising" is stopped on this "social network" when som1 sends requests

      Facebook can change its policies and allow a person a quota ?

      say send up2 ten requests in a week or more (some ppl need more friends) ?

      The messaging block is plain ambiguity and insane

      If you've sent a person a private message (that person isnt ur friend) and u get chatting and then fb blocks u 4 adding too many ppl they also block u 4rm sending messages

      I mean u know that person but u dnt want them as a frnd but u 'd like to converse with them

      BUT FB BLOCKS U 4RM messaging

      work of robots

      any sensible person wudnt stop u 4rm tlking to a person u already know and have a good conversation wid , r8 ?

    • Erika zucker BROOKLYN, NY
      • 9 months ago

      because so i can have friends to talk to play games and go in my groups


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