Institute changes to stop cyber bullying and harassment
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Institute changes to stop cyber bullying and harassment

    1. Tricia Hill
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      Tricia Hill

      Phillipsburg, NJ


Bullying is no longer limited to the schoolyard. With the advent of social networking, the bullies have become more technologically advanced and adults have increasingly become victims. Cyber bullying often occurs under the cover of anonymity as the bullies use multiple profiles and/or pages in order to hide their true identities.


 Facebook's reporting features need to be changed to fully allow victims to report the bullying and harassment. Oftentimes, the report form attached to a particular post,  comment, photo, page or profile is not adequate to fully explain what is happening.  For example, when someone is being continually harassed and bullied, the option to 'ask user to remove the content' is not going to work.  In fact, confronting the abuser often escalates the cyber bullying and harassment.  It would be beneficial to have a totally separate reporting feature wherein a user can attach screen shots of the bullying and harassment and have that  report be reviewed by a human. Yes, this will cost Facebook money, but it will also add jobs to a floundering economy - it's a win-win situation.


Cyber bullying is escalating and Facebook needs to revise its reporting feature to keep its users safe.  Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and needs to take  responsibility in regard to the egregious cyber bullying taking place on his site.  With revisions to the reporting features, users will be able to fully articulate the problems that they are facing and will once again, feel safe.


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    • hassam abbasi ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN
      • about 2 years ago

      because i and many of my friends are being cyber bullied and we would love it to end

    • Brenda Harmon LABELLE, FL
      • about 2 years ago

      because I am being bullied on my facebook by popete trujillio and his wife Naomi. He flirted over 1 one half year ago, he asked for photo I sent one,he never said he married,I had no sexual interest, just music.his wife Naomi foud pic on his phone,I cleared it up, now she harrassedme on his facebook,not hers.she called me bad names accuse me of him,I assured her I dont want him, she still called names,follwed me to her brother fb and called bad stuff there, n then texted me bad stuff on my phone, she won't stop, I deleted her husband and their friend, all lying n cause me upset,. my friends n family grand kids all see this foul nasty stuff. it embarrassing n disrespectful for all my fb friends as well. my fb BrendaDiana Harmon Brandy

    • Terri DeGrave BOOTHWYN, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      Cyber Bullying effects real lives over the internet, and it has to stop all together. There was a teenager back in 2006 Megan Taylor Meier found dead in her closet ( she hung her self) Over cyber Bullying with these social networks. You have to stop this and save a life and make Facebook the very first to do so.

      I even had my picture stolen off my profile that was used without my permission so the abusers can used it as a joke for their own amusement. and laughter. Think about Megan with her ordeal and save a life. No telling what could happen next. Have a heart and please save a life and reconsider this petition it is a must.

      • over 2 years ago

      I am signing because I have been trashed, attacked, lied about, and bullied more on FB than I ever was in school by real bullies. This has to stop! Some people are truly sadistic hiding behind a computer and what they say affects people's lives badly. This has to stop!

    • Mary-Etta Hinkle MILTON,, FL
      • over 2 years ago

      Absolutely, and we need this to go viral and get a couple million signatures. There also needs to be some real legal recourse with laws passed that have teeth, that can be effectively against those who do this. It is never that bad until or unless it HAPPENS TO YOU.


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