Restore non-profit animal Page's ability to tag; fan's to receive all posts
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Restore non-profit animal Page's ability to tag; fan's to receive all posts

    1. Denise Sloane
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      Denise Sloane

      Sucasunna, NJ

Recently, FaceBook has implemented some changes that are having a HUGE impact on Pages, it’s fans, and those they advocate for.

When individuals create a FB account, they are known as profiles.  When businesses, non profits, or causes create a FB account, they are known as Pages.  When individuals (profiles)  "Like" a Page, they become “fans" verses being "friends" as with other individuals.  Non Profit rescue groups are set up as Pages and are feeling this impact.  

Recently, Pages have lost the ability to tag other Pages. Pages used to tag 10 other Pages at a clip.  They would then in turn share it on their own page. By doing this, a Page was able to share it’s post with all of the “fans” of each Page they tagged. A chain reaction was created that generated more exposure (a multiplier effect). It was a very efficient way that animal rescue Pages advocated for dogs on death row, who had only days or hours to be saved before being put to sleep. It was an effective way to seek signatures on petitions against those charged with animal abuse. And for support groups and those with similar interest, it was an effective way to connect and share. It has become a vital way to help those less fortunate than ourselves, and a way to raise funds for those in need. Now, when Pages need to reach out to a couple hundred other Pages, it is very time consuming and almost impossible to do. They have to go to each Page, one at a time, and post. It’s hindered their efforts significantly, crippling those in animal rights/ rescue, or even Missing Persons Pages, as less Pages can be reached in the same amount of time, resulting in less lives saved.  Also, recently, individuals have lost the ability to know tag rescue groups in threads.  The rescue groups cannot receive the tagged link. So if you tagged All Paws Rescue in a thread, they will NOT receive it from you.  You may think you sent them a request for help when in fact they never got it. 

The first part of this petition ask FB to restore tagging abilities between Pages that “are NOT profit driven.” Page to Page tagging is necessary to continue doing the work we do, advocating for and rescuing those in need, whether it be animals or humans.

The second part of this petition applies to FB’s algorithm that limits how many fans a post will reach.  With each post, only a small percentage of a Page’s fans receive it. Whether or not you receive that post depends on how much “engagement” (likes, shares, or comments) the post received. A post that generates a lot of activity as such, will appear on more news feeds than others with less activity. In order for Pages to reach as many fans as they have, FB now gives Pages the option to PAY TO PROMOTE. It is a marketing scheme by FB to generate revenue for themselves. For $5-20 PER post, Pages can pay to make sure their post reach a larger audience. That audience consists of a small amount of their fans and mostly friends of their fans who do NOT Like their Page. This is a great tool for Page’s that are trying to expand their business and make money. However, for Pages that are non-profit or “cause“ defined, it is WRONG. Many non-profits, such as animal rescue groups, struggle as is to save the animals they rescue. They don’t have the funds to Promote each post. It is outrageous that FB takes fans away from Pages and then asks them to pay to have them replaced. “FANS” who have opted in to a Page, and NOT an algorithm, should have the right to decide if they want to receive a Pages post.

This second part of the petition ask FB to stop piggybacking on the backs of non-profit, advocacy, and cause pages in an attempt to increase revenue. By not allowing ALL fans to receive their posts, it holds Pages over a barrel while undermining their efforts.

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    • Dawn Hoover HONDO, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      Helping animals in need is very important to me . . . having the ability to freely share their information is significant to saving their lives . . . Free communication across a wide spectrum is vital and necessary.

      BarkBook (i.e. Facebook) should be proud they are helping to save so many with their free and open communication services -- which is a noble, humanitarian effort and a display of "pawing it forward" by the global communications giant. There are so many other areas in which Facebook can make a profit, this should not be one of them.

      ~ I am #12,488 to sign this petition.

    • Tania Symonds CRANBROOK, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Lets help the animals. I love them all

    • Romney Speerschneider PANAMA CITY BEACH, UNITED STATES
      • about 2 years ago

      I have a couple pages that are helping animals and are also NOT for profit but we get blocked and "spammed" constantly! :( I am not sending spam! This needs to end.

    • Donna Windrider-Byrd WALDORF, MD
      • about 2 years ago

      cause it is

    • Vanessa Kapusta CALGARY, CANADA
      • about 2 years ago

      Please set this function so we can net work and save lives


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