Ban Sadistic Pages of Wildlife Torture
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Ban Sadistic Pages of Wildlife Torture

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Facebook's own policy dictates that graphic violent photos should not be posted just for sadistic gratification --- there is absolutely NO purpose in posting horrendously killed and half dead animals on facebook pages.  

These horrific pages, of which there are many, serve only to taunt and offend decent people who are anti-torture, as well as serving to excite and give sadistic and even sexual gratification to those who support such crimes against nature, wildlife, and common decency.

The creators of these pages and their supporters try to top one another as to who can post the most tormented or tortured animal.  Just because trophy hunting is legal in this country, does not give these lunatics the right to impose unimaginable suffering and torture on innocent animals and then have Facebook pages to glorify their savage exploits and communicate with one another.  Yet when we report these pages to Facebook, we receive a reply which says they do not find these macbre photos of suffering offensive!  Facebook is saying animals have no rights concerning torture, and apparently our opinions don't matter.  

This is not a random graphic photo -- many photos demonstrating severe cruelty are posted daily on the many wolf-hating and wildlife hunting pages.  These lesser people go out of their way to give these animals terror and an excruciating death.  This deranged and twisted individuals have no shame about their barbaric behavior --facebook should show some honor and not be an accessory to this sadistic activity.

Addendum:  The graphic photo featured in this petition happens to be a coyote who was deliberately "gut shot" to cause more agony for this persecuted animal (wolves and many other wild animals are also gut shot on purpose).  While still alive this coyote was then strangled.  Gut shots are celebrated by these subhuman hunters/trappers; they even created a tee shirt decal to show 'pride' in gut shooting.



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    • Elizabeth Goudge COLYTON, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      People responsible for this need to be imprisoned. Soon their vile appetites will have to be appeased by even greater violence and it will be directed at the vulnerable in human society - it already is being. Ignore these monsters at your peril.

      • 5 months ago

      Proteger la biodiversidad

    • sue lakes cook NORTH VANCOUVER BC, CANADA
      • 5 months ago

      because no living creature should ever go through something like this and what kind of nightmare person would even like to look???

    • Dana Bilic OSIJEK, CROATIA
      • 6 months ago

      Not only should disgusting pictures be taken away from FB, but those perverts should be taken out of civilisation, permanently. Otherwise we should not call us a civilised society/species. Those who do not cut out human cancers like these people, tolerate that they will continue and spread their diseases everywhere. Nobody can be a good dad or human being, who enjoys to torture helpless creatures. Nobody!!!

    • gallerne marie PONTIVY, FRANCE
      • 6 months ago

      honteux tout simplement honteux de la part de l'homme comme toujours


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