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Look at the content of pictures and posts before taking action

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      Sketch Jones

Several inoffensive pictures an posts have been removed and the posters banned because some people found them offensive, while many others that are truly offensive have managed to stay up, and their users not get any sort of punishment. It seems that the admins at Facebook are being biased i their findings. How can a person.s post, written from experience, voicing an opinion on a woman's right to choose get deleted and the poster getting a multi day ban, but one that states his wish to have shot the current president not get deleted and the poster not only kept an active profile, but wasn't even reported? I think if you've ever been reported for a post that you couldn't find offense in, you know what this petition is about. This petition asks the admins to look at the content rather than how many report it gets. Some people report out of spite, Those people should get a look at as well. When overtly racist pics and comments get banned less than a harmless joke about the KKK, something's wrong.

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    • brenda esselman STOUGHTON, WI
      • about 2 years ago

      You need to investigate before you remove posts

    • Cheryl Hobson SPRING VALLEY, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      The offensive pictures of OUR POTUS are deplorable but the KKK pics are undecipherable as to who they are to place blame, etc. ENOUGH!

      That is called bias and it shows YOUR racism FACEBOOK!


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