Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke MP: Terminate HMRC’s contract with Bounty and find alternative routes for Child Benefit Form distribution
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Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke MP: Terminate HMRC’s contract with Bounty and find alternative routes for Child Benefit Form distribution

    1. Vicky Garner
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      Vicky Garner

      St Austell, United Kingdom

Whoever was it that decided it was a good idea to allow sales reps onto maternity wards?

Since I first realised that commercial parenting clubs like Bounty were allowed free access to brand new mums on wards, I’ve been certain how I feel about it; Maternity wards are a place for family and friends, for new parents to be with each other, for resting and preparing (as much as one can) for the new experiences ahead. They are not a place for sales reps peddling their wares and extracting personal information to sell on to others.

Yet in maternity wards across the country Bounty sales reps abound and an alarming number of new parents are reporting feeling harassed and pestered by them. Even worse some are reporting being misled, lied to and disrespected at a time when they are at their most vulnerable.  Why is this being allowed in our NHS? And why is Bounty being paid by HMRC to distribute Child Benefit forms as they travel the wards?

In 2011 – 2012 HMRC paid Bounty £90,000 to distribute Child Benefit claim forms within the packs that they hand out to new parents on wards.  Bounty has become the only paid vehicle for distribution of these important forms. Why? Why not give the forms out when a birth is registered – a sure fire way to reach 100% of new parents without the involvement of a commercial enterprise and the blurred boundaries that this seems to have created.

Child Benefit forms and Bounty’s role in distributing them has become a hot topic over the past few months of this campaign, as it has emerged that some Bounty reps have been misleading parents about the need to hand over their personal information to the rep, before they can have the form. This abuse of the situation Bounty has found itself in, as the main distributor of the form (by a very long shot) needs to stop.

Over 25,000 have signed the petition calling on Health Minister Dan Poulter MP to ban commercial parenting clubs like Bounty from maternity wards. We now need to shift our focus to HMRC.  The distribution of Child Benefit forms should not be done through a commercial enterprise, there are more suitable routes for distribution. And by removing the Child Benefit form from Bounty packs, any false sense of legitimacy that has been given to Bounty by handing out this important form will be removed.

I hope you will sign and share this petition addressed to Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke MP.

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      • 6 days ago

      Because in the process of perform this task for HMRC they collect and sell on women's personal information

      • 7 days ago

      PLEASE FALLOW THIS LINK FOR JOING THIS EVEANT @[367662990066691:https://www.facebook.com/events/367662990066691/]

      LET’S JOIN HANDS AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR A FAIR AND JUST JUDICIAL SYSTEM. ( please let me know any advice or opinion which may helpful as we welcome everyone to this Action we will be launching a Petition shortly) ...Please note that date for the event has been included provisionally. Your interest and sharing of the information is imperative and not about attending the event. In other words, I need your support)

      I am creating this event to bring public awareness about the judicial unethical activities which are currently going on. It has been adopted as a scheme. Most of us have suffered silently. I believe that this is enough and I urge you to join hands together for a good cause in order to save vulnerable families, children and disabled people, most importantly to save our society from dehumanisation and misuse of positions.

      To cover up those matters, Mr Singh QC misused his powers and judicial status. He knew that he can’t sit on a case for whom he has acted as his clients, but he failed to recuse himself. By imposing the civil restraint orders, he conferred us to more degrading and inhuman treatment for instance, it was simple to evict us in an illegal manner form our family home. In simple words, IF YOU HAVE A CIVIL RESTRAIN T ORDER, YOU WILL BE DENIED JUSTICE AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DEFEND YOUR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS.

      When Rabinder Singh QC made that restraint order, he already campaigned with other judges who were ready to assist cover up. There were 5 to 6 judges involved and you will not be allowed to be heard or bring a case unless you ask them permission. Obviously, they will refuse you permission as they are themselves culprits. They will never allow you to take any step against them. However, Civil restraint orders have been clearly set out in CPR but certain judges such as Rabinder Singh QC misuse those CPR for their own personal gain.

      • Master Yoxall – We had a case in the High Court against Newham Children and Young people Services for breaching various parts of Children’s rights and other statutory guidelines. That claim also involved Deputy High Court Judge Stuart Isaacs who assisted in perverting the course of justice by relying upon false representations which amounted to perjury.

      • Master Yoxall shared documents with the Newham Council and to prevent us from taking steps against himself and other judges who assisted perjury (evidence were available), he campaigned with Justice MacDuff. They then put GENERAL CIVIL RESTRAINT ORDERS ON US which indicates that you cannot issue any appeal or applications to any court in the UK. However, civil restraint orders are used against Litigants in person or anybody when you fight for justice by pointing out their misconducts such as fraudulent activities and assisting to cover up or unethical behaviour of judges. To escape from those, you will be issued with those restraint orders.

      • Your name will be published online in their website but the opposite party’s name will be omitted. In our cases, applicants for civil restraint orders were THE COURT ITSELF, THE PUBLIC BODIES AND JUDGES. Severe damages and injuries have occurred to the families involved. Names and private information will be published. Your privacy will be breached and human rights violated. Children lives will be destroyed and families will be destroyed if those matters are not examined appropriately and a parliamentary inquiry committee is conducted.

      • I have been threatened that I will be put in prison if I publish those matters, but I have taken the risks to protect the British Public interests as I owe a duty to this country.

      • We have raised those issues with our local MP but no actions have been taken to remedy the situation or to bring it to the public’s attention. It was simply dragging and in the meantime, the courts and judges will try to find other tactics to target us and our family or discourage us. For Example, after I launched this campaign, I have received Repossession Proceedings to leave my current premises with no reason whatsoever.

      Court of Appeal in Royal court of justice lord Justices will try to cover up. For instance, to make a decision on our case, the court will appoint retired judges such as Stanley Burnton or Mr Buxton. Lord Justice Aiken will make a decision without sitting in court and is on holiday. Lord Justice Laws will take our case as he has particular interest and wants to cover up. Even our barrister indicated to us that those judges talk about us privately in clubs and parties. He was afraid and left us all alone.

      When making a complaint against misconduct of judiciary or assisting to cover up or perjury/criminal offences, Ministry of Justice will accept and will indicate that this is a matter to appeal against. But they are aware that civil restraint orders will prevent us to proceed and as such, it is clear that this is a scam. Even the Police refuse to investigate complaints and say that judges are influential.


      I will create a petition very soon and in the meantime, I am bringing this event as a goodwill and as I and my family are suffering, many others are silently being victims of corporate bullying due to those individuals such as Rabinder Singh QC who is currently working as a QC for Treasury Solicitors and making favourable decisions on his own clients' case. I therefore urge you to take necessary steps to prevent those types of activities.

      Those unlawful activities prevent vulnerable people from getting fair access to justice as most of the judiciary members are misusing their positions. WE NEED A FAIR AND INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY; WE DO NOT NEED A CORRUPTED AND PROFIT-MAKING JUDICIARY.

      These issues do not appear in main stream media because this will impact on their activities.

      For example:

      1. I launched a case against the Home Office for negligence and failure to protect the public form contaminated diseases. No defence was filed and there was a default judgment made by Master Kay.

      2. In the meantime, they have spent over £20,000 public money on this due to their failure to defend the case. the court then sold our case file to journalists who in turn publish a defamatory article in THE SUN NEWSPAPER about us with our names and private information published.

      3. When I appealed, Rabinder Singh QC heard the case. he is a Panel A counsel and adviser for treasury solicitors and favoured them. As the article was in THE SUN, Rabinder Singh was set up to refuse the case and impose some civil restraint orders on us. In our absence, he made a civil restraint orders which were all material times illegal. There was no real public interests.

      4. We were asked to refrain from taking up employment despite being teachers in the UK.

      I would like to request all my friends and well wishers to share and like my page parents against injustice UK as I am in process to bring the matters to UK parliamentary commission. Charity organisations and bodies remain silent on those matters and all try to conceal and compromise. This is the reason why we have taken this step. If this continues, only THE BIG SOCIETY WILL SURVIVE. CORPORATE BULLYING AND BUREAUCRACY WILL CONTINUE AND VULNERABLE PEOPLE WILL BE AT RISKS AND SOME MAY END UP IN SUICIDE OR DISAPPEAR. THERE WILL BE MOR EPOVERTY AND INCONVENIENCES. WE NEED AN INDEPENDENT JUDICIARY IN THE UNITED KINGDOM. I RELY UPON YOUR COOPERATION.

      OUR AIM IS TO EXPOSE HIDDEN SCHEMES DEPLOYED BY INDIVIDUAL JUDGES AND PUBLIC BODIES TO CONCEAL THEIR ILLEGAL ATROCITIES TOWARDS THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UK. THOSE JUDGES INVOLVED ARE OR HAVE REPRESENTED THE PUBLIC BODIES IN THE PAST; THEY SIT AS A JUDGE OR DEPUTY JUDGES TO MAKE DECISIONS ON PARTICULAR CASES. For Example, Mr Rabinder Singh QC who was a Panel A Counsel for the Treasury Solicitors make decisions on important issues raised against public bodies. This obviously is a conflict of interest. In some cases, when appealing, the same judge requests the case for him to decide in order to cover up. This is also a conflict of interest. The body that investigates complaints against those particular judges, court staffs, case lawyers, managers, Bar Standards Board or investigation authorities also try to cover up.


      I have been threatened and warned by High court judges namely Justice MacDuff, Lord Justice Aikens, Master Yoxall, Justice Rabinder Singh (Indian Origin), Lord Justice Laws and others. Justice MacDuff sent a personal letter to me by threatening me to refrain from pursuing cases against fraudulent activities committed by certain judges or any other cases. He misused his powers and those types of judges cause criminal offences. He advised that if I continue, I may be put in prison. I even received calls from Forest Gate Police Station in East London to withdraw complaints otherwise I may be harmed.

      In our campaign, we focus mainly on illegal restriction and unlawful prevention by certain members of the judiciary to prevent someone from making any complaint or proceed with any cases by way of imposing CIVIL RESTRAINT ORDERS. These orders are at all material times illegal and against the Human Rights. If those orders are not used appropriately, they can put public at risks from bureaucracy and criminal and corrupted public officials. These orders will also prevent someone to raise issues about your own family and children, those individual judges create a network among themselves AND THERE WILL BE A SCHEME OF CORPORATE BULLYING by asking you to ask permission from them in order to bring any injustice forward. They try to conceal their own illegal activities. Therefore, these restraint orders are not in public interest.If you raise voice against public body, for instance, I have contaminated a contagious dangerous virus from the home office, and I filed a negligence claim against them, Rabinder Singh QC imposed a civil restraint order on me to prevent me to proceed. If someone makes allegations against fraudulent corruption and misconduct, then they use this scheme (Civil restraint order) to prevent you from raising this matter in public. This will make you dormant forever and you will not get any legal representation. The public body then uses these orders to victimise you. Certain individuals within those bodies are worst than terrorists. They are hypocrites and they use their positions to humiliate vulnerable people and to spoil this country’s law. THESE ORDERS WILL PREVENT YOU FROM RAISING ISSUES CONCERNING YOUR CHILDREN OR ANY INJUSTICE TOWARDS ANYBODY. THERE IS NO EQUALITY IN THESE RESTRAINT ORDERS AND ONCE YOU ARE IMPOSED WITH THOSE ORDERS, YOU WILL BE UNDER ATTACK BY PUBLIC BODIES SUCH AS POLICE, SOCIAL WORKERS AND BY JUDICIARY. THEY WILL CONSPIRE AGAINST YOU IN SEVERLA WAYS AS YOU ARE ALREADY CHAINED.IT IS TO BE NOTED THAT CIVIL RESTRAINT ORDERS ARE NOT IMPOSED ON TERRORISTS or criminals SUCH AS ABU QATADA AND OTHERS, BUT THESE ORDERS ARE ONLY PPUT ON PEOPLE WHO TRY TO BRING CRUCIAL ISSUES AND INJUSTICES TO LIGHT. These orders would have been necessary to deport those criminals or prevent them from issuing cases. This will save money. As we are teachers in the UK , we are trying to use our expertise to bring those matters to light and bring public awareness. We need a fair and just judiciary. They have even assaulted my children and seized all my evidences from my previous home. They have removed my CCTV and are in the intention to attack on me and my family. Because of those people, this country may have a bad reputation and it is our duty to protect this from happening and eliminate those culprits. IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ACT. In the Royal Court of Justice London, our case file with personal details were lifted and sold to NEWSGROUP NEWSPAPERS LIMITED. An article was published against us in THE SUN which was defamatory. When we took a defamation action, judicial campaigns started to take place. I and my family were assaulted. THIS PAGE WILL BE REGULARLY UPDATED ABOUT OUR FIGHT AGAINST ABUSE OF CHILDREN BY PUBLIC OFFICIALS in UK. It is worth noting that the law of the United Kingdom respects human rights and most importantly children’s rights. However, certain individuals within the judiciary, public authorities and the home Office have abused this law. One of our family member has been awarded an Most Excellent Honorary Order of British Empire (MBE) by Her Majesty The Queen in 2013 for consistently showing exceptional commitment in his role in spite of any personal risks, especially during the long years of the SL conflict. For services to protecting British interests in abroad…We, as Professionally Teachers in the United Kingdom and parents of 3 children have taken steps to bring the injustice to light. Our family comprises of 1 Disabled Person, and this page will show how disrespect is shown towards vulnerable families by certain members of the Judiciary and other organisations. Time has elapsed since people suffered in silence and allowed themselves to be discriminated and humiliated, nowadays; we have the right to speak and to express our opinions with regards to our freedom of living peacefully as a family without the interference of the State.

      We are protecting British Interests in the UK as it is clear that officers acting on behalf of the Secretary of State or local authorities or other public bodies have acted unlawfully and have worked against the United Kingdom’s sovereignty by involving in fraudulent activities. Most of them are not pure British as can be seen by their names and ethnicities/appearances or language. There is reasonable doubt to believe that they have been recruited without any prior training. They are either migrants, students, illegal entrants or even previous asylum seekers who have been recruited exclusively to target vulnerable people and to cause substantial harm to children and families / vulnerable people. In another stance, the officers acting on behalf of those bodies are unfortunately unqualified and poor in English. They are only spoiling the sovereignty of the United Kingdom by their unprofessionalism and lack of knowledge. They have merely used dirty tricks and engaged in corruption which they bring from where they come from. They are working institutionally to cover up and to put stain on Her Majesty the Queen’s and the UK’s dignity and protection of Human Rights. Those who are involved in our cases are criminal minded and have acted in contrary to the law. I will take all the lawful steps to protect British Interests and bring them in front of justice. It has brought death threats to me and my family’s lives but with respect to the reward given to my father by the Queen, I will continue to protect the interests of this country against those who have misused the powers conferred by this country’s law for their personal gains and to cover up. TODAY IT IS MY CHILDREN AND MY FAMILY TARGETTED AND ABUSED BY UK AUTHORITIES, BUT TOMORROW IT COULD BE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR FAMILY. Act now please and sign the petition to save your families. It is not the question of status or nationality, but it is the question of families and children. I am in the intention to bring to those matters through parliamentary lobbying for a public enquiry to bring them to justice.


    • Elizabeth McGarry TELFORD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 26 days ago

      I was harassed by a rude and inconsiderate 'Bounty Lady' hours after giving birth. My son was born with club feet and she made inappropriate remarks about this. The woman insisted I had to have photos taken and hand over personal details at a highly emotional time for me. Months later I discovered Bounty were passing my details on and had kept images of my son despite their declaration they would be deleted within a few weeks. This company, and its employees, are a disgrace. They profit from unrestricted access to women who are often not in the best position to be entering into sales talks and wander in and out whilst family (including new fathers!) are forbidden to enter the ward.

      • 29 days ago

      Bounty is a corrupt company, and I agree completely that they should never have been allowed onto maternity wards or into the service. They offer a very company-centric service, not a mother and baby centred one. More friendly baby packs should be used, for example the 'Mamapack' which contains samples of more eco-friendly products. Please get rid of bounty from our wards and find another way of giving out the child benefit forms!

      • about 1 month ago

      I have had a VERY bad experience with a bounty rep waking up my new born son by taking a photo which I stated I did not want her to do.


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