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Evict Albus Brooks from the Denver City Council

    1. Darren Lyman
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      Darren Lyman

      Denver, CO


- Albus Brooks: City Council Member - District 8, Denver, CO.


- Albus Brooks initiated a ban on "urban camping" attacking the homeless, intending to remove ALL of their possessions without a solution.

- Albus Brooks (in conjunction with the mayors office) lies & claims this "urban camping" ban in Denver was not initiated because of the Occupy Wall Street movement, however in the draft of the Denver camping ordinance
the last line of the first paragraph albus states "Also, in the last six months a number of federal district courts around the country have upheld local no-camping ordinances and similar laws in litigation arising out of the Occupy Wall Street movement."

Help yourself:

- Remove Albus Brooks from the Denver City Council.

- Stop political harassment.

- Stop the lies from those in "power".

- Empower yourself and those around you by speaking out against injustice. 

- Remind those in "power" that We The People put them there and can remove them.


1. Sign this petition.

2. Forward to all of your friends & family by way of Email, Facebook, Twitter, any and all social networks, word of mouth, telephone, text message, mail and any other form of communication. 

3. Open lines of discussion within your community about the issues of poverty, homelessness & the illusion of power. 

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    1. Rally to OPPOSE the Urban Camping Ban Monday, May 14

      Darren Lyman
      Petition Organizer

      Where- Denver City & County Government County Court; City & County Building
      1331 Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80204-2720

      When- 5:30pm on Monday, May 14 (Sign making starts at 4).

      Why- The final vote on the Urban Camping Ban is set to take place and we need you to SHOW UP beforehand to let council members and the rest of Denver know that we realize the detrimental effects this ban would have on our community.

      We'll have speakers and we need YOUR body and heart there to stand in solidarity with our friends who have or are experiencing homelessness.

      Come early to make a sign! Bring whatever supplies you have (tshirts, posterboard, markers) and some extras will be provided.

      Whatever your reasons for opposing the bill, let's not be silent in the face of injustice (and just plain bad policy).

      Please send invites far and wide!

    2. Camping Bill Forum - Join Councilman Albus Brooks

      Darren Lyman
      Petition Organizer

      Tuesday, May 8, 7:00 pm at Saint John's Cathedral. Please join Councilman Albus Brooks of Council District 8, Council At-Large Robin Kniech, and Jeanne Robb of Council District 10 at Saint John's Cathedral for a forum on the proposed ordinance to prohibit unauthorized camping on public or private property; Bill Request BR12-241. Join us in discussion on how the community and the city can work together toward the shared goals of addressing the needs of the homeless community and creating a welcoming downtown.

      Saint John's Cathedral
      1350 Washington St
      Denver, CO 80203

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    • Melissa Llanas DENVER, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      Mr. Brooks, when confronted on his approval of the "urban camping" ban by my husband via email, outright told us to "stop feeding the homeless...and be apart (sic) of the solution." Until there are resources put in place in Denver to house and feed all of the roughly 17,000 homeless citizens in our city, I absolutely refuse to stop providing food. If they cannot have a place to sleep that is warm and safe, the very least we could do is put food in their stomachs! The audacity of his words proves how much of a pompous a$$ Albus Brooks really is.

    • Elizabeth Hunter AURORA, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      The gov't was set up to protect the people and keep the gov't in line. It has failed. If homelessness makes you uncomfortable, then DO something about it. Stop cutting funds to programs that were set up to solve the problem. Sweeping it under the rug to hide it is only temporary and it will resurface tenfold. This is yet another attack on Civil Rights and I am APPALLED that those who have been around long enough to know of the devastation suffered by so many in the past are the first to persecute others. FIND A FIX and if you can't, let the people do your job for you since you are not capable of making the right decisions. Money. Power. Greed. That's all our gov't is any more.

    • Hana Low COLO SPGS, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      We do need to address homelessness in Denver, but criminalizing it is not the way to do so.

    • Chris Burkhardt BROOMFIELD, CO
      • over 2 years ago
    • shannon mcnamara DENVER, CO
      • over 2 years ago

      When I elected Councilman Brooks, I did so with the utmost conviction that he would represent my interests in a progressive manner, working to empower those whose voices have typically been marginalized in the local discourse. I find his sponsorship of this ordinance so offensive, so utterly disappointing, and so out-of-step with what I assumed were Councilman Brooks' values and priorities that I am left with little alternative but to actively work to ensure that he is not a public office holder for long.


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