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Please endorse the call by the PLAN T (Psychiatric Labeling Action Network for Truth) Alliance to hold Congressional Hearings about psychiatric diagnosis in an attempt to explore the nature and extent of harm that many Americans and increasingly, people in other countries, have suffered solely because of being given a psychiatric label. The aim of the hearings would be to find ways to prevent this harm, beginning with a clear-sighted examination of the totally unregulated nature of psychiatric diagnosis. Many people have the mistaken impression that the Food and Drug Administration oversees psychiatric diagnosis, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In 2002 and 2003, two Congressional Briefings were held on this subject, co-sponsored by a dozen groups concerned with health matters and by New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter.

The Need
This call is an attempt to draw attention to this minimally-investigated enterprise of psychiatric diagnosis and to find ways to protect people from the harm that can result. The kinds of harm have included loss of the right to make decisions about one’s legal and medical affairs, loss of health insurance or sky-high premiums, loss of child custody, and plummeting of self-confidence.

This issue affects people across the spectrum, regardless of social class, education, sex, race, and age.

The Problem
Few laypeople or even therapists realize that psychiatric diagnosis is not a scientific endeavor, although some of the most powerful people and organizations in the mental health field assert that it is. As a result, millions of people who seek help because they are suffering have no idea that they are not being diagnosed in scientific ways and thus that their treatment largely lacks a scientific basis; nor do they know that in important ways their treatment may be experimental because they are given labels that may not stand for anything that has been proven to exist. Furthermore, although drugs can be helpful for some people, it is important for the public and their therapists to know that they are often prescribed to treat diagnostic “entities” that may not even exist. Patients have a right to try anything that might help them, including medication, but it is essential that they do so after being fully informed of the limitations of the diagnostic labels that are usually the basis for therapists’ treatment recommendations.

The absence of science creates a vacuum, and biases and distortions rush in. This happens in three ways:

1. Such biases as racism, sexism, ageism, classism, and homophobia powerfully affect psychiatric diagnosis, becoming partial determinants of who gets a psychiatric label and of the seriousness of the label that is chosen.

2. Serious problems such as despondency are overlooked as people are diagnosed with unproven “mental illnesses” such as Compulsive Shopping Disorder or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

3. Many people who are suffering because they have been at war or because of social problems like poverty or because they are victims of hate speech or violence are wrongly treated as though the problems come from within them.

Why Congressional Hearings?
First and foremost, the purpose of a Call for Congressional Hearings is to put psychiatric diagnosis, with its problems and possible solutions, on the national, public agenda.

There are many reasons for choosing the Congressional Hearings route, related to numerous ways this is a federal issue.

IMPORTANT: The PLAN T Alliance is not connected in any way with Scientology or its CCHR.

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    • Ronald Wolf ROYAL OAK, MI
      • 3 months ago

      I have just found I was victimized by a hospital shrink who after talking to me for two minutes wrote I was bi-polar and this is what the hospital sees. His being hostile and having an Arabic sounding accent may have had something to do with it. This is outrageous. I found this accidentally.

    • Deborah Thompson DUNEDIN, FL
      • 3 months ago

      People are misdiagnosed, way too often, and given these psych meds, in place of REAL medical care. Plus, once people are put on these drugs, they suddenly become "not credible" in a court of law, lose their right to bear arms, and there's more rights taken, only I can't think of them off the top of my head, right now. I have brain lesions, due to hearing "psychosomatic" for decades, and was given every antidepressant going, plus other assorted drugs I didn't need, all those years, in place of REAL medical care. I heard "in your head" til I was damn near dead! "In your head" turned out to be stealth pathogens. Neuroborreliosis (aka stage 3 Lyme Disease), Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Rickettsial infection), and other infections that are still undiagnosed to this day, because of being denied REAL medical care for those decades. This must stop!!!!

    • Frank Redden NEWPORT, KY
      • 4 months ago

      I was labeled a questionable __________ because I referred to my Health Care Handbook as my Bible whiteout the MD even seeing me in person .

    • Michael SON ANY, MA
      • 5 months ago

      this is OBAMA ENDING EUGENICS IN AMERICA! this is something big.

    • Mary Gallagher NAAS, IRELAND
      • 6 months ago

      Psychiatrists and Psychologists actually believe that their "educated" and "intelligent" opinion is infallible; they believe that their certificates of achievement are certificates of authenticity and infallibility; they acutally feel that they don't need to carry out assessments; that they just know; that opinion equates to substantiated opinon


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