Everyone Deserves the Right to Look for Love
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Everyone Deserves the Right to Look for Love

    1. Rebecca  Roberts
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      Rebecca Roberts

      Groton, MA

Many online dating sites are for heterosexuals and heterosexuals only. There are some exclusive gay and lesbian matching sites, but why can't all sites allow all sexual orientations? EHarmony, for example, didn't initially allow homosexuals, but now, they have a SEPERATE service called Compatitble Partners. Why should normal human beings have to go to a seperate service just to find a mate? Why can't they join the regular service and narrow the present gap between homosexuals and heterosexuals? It's the same problem with sites like Blacksingles.com or Christiansingles.com. We are all humans looking for the same thing: love. What is the difference between black love or homosexual love or heterosexual love? Nothing. Love is universal. Customized dating sites like Gayfriendfinder.com or Blacksingles.com only widen the gap between all human beings that are not straight and caucasian.

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