Boycott the State of Alabama until the immigration law is repealed.
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Boycott the State of Alabama until the immigration law is repealed.

    1. Ashley Burgos
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      Ashley Burgos

      Plantation, FL

I can't believe the state of Alabama is now denying the privilege of turning the water on in your home to people who can't prove legal status.  What if they have lost their documentation for reasons out of their control?  Aren't we all human?  We send tons of money overseas to make sure people have water, but yet we refuse water to people here?? In our own country??  Regardless of your personal views on immigration policy, I know we can all agree that everyone deserves access to running water in their homes, right?  The sooner something is done about this the better. This is ridiculous. What's the point in the Constitution if a state can bar people for having a place to live, running water, some sort of work, etc? Not that there are many tourist destinations in Alabama, but if you were planning a trip there...don't go. May the state suffer even more economic hardships due to this stupid law, until it is repealed!!! I ♥ my AL friends, but you guys need to fix this!! It's immoral, unethical, and not Christ-like. For a Bible belt state, I am shocked it was even implemented. This is the difference between relationship & religion.’s-extreme-immigration-law-on-residents/

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      Ashley Burgos
      Petition Organizer

      Our opinions on immigration policy are not what is important here. People are being mistreated & that needs to stop. Rules & laws can be enforced, but should be done according to the Constitution. No one should be deprived of having running water in their homes. These people are just trying to get utilities turned on & that should not be denied. We need to do something about this. Petitions & boycotts = change, so please sign this petition for change in Alabama & then share it with your friends, Facebook page, favorite blog or email list! I would like to reach 100 by Jan 1 2012 & then increase the goal after that, so let's do this!

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    • sharon gonzalez PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • over 2 years ago

      because the government has no right to dehumanize a person and objectify them for their immigrant status in the US. This country was made out of immigrants and it will continue to build up on them too

    • Joe Manzani MOBILE, AL
      • almost 3 years ago

      I feel its wrong to dehuminize the problem by passing laws that force all of us to treat others in a humane way. If government has issues with undocumented individuals, then government should address and deal with it themselves which is the reason they get elected and paid for. It is unconstitutional for government to deffere its responsibility to the rest of the citizenry who do not get paid to excecute laws and force everyone to be un-christian. For my part I do not intend to obey the law where it askes me to not lend a helping hand to a fellow humanbeing.



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