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    1. Elizabeth  Oppedyk
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      Elizabeth Oppedyk

      Chino, CA

We all know how expensive clothes, shoes, etc. can be. With bringing back the coupons (even if it's only the 15% off survey) it will give us all an opportunity to save on Everyday Deals, not only just twice a month. We all need to stick together and Petition JcPenney's to bring back these offers.

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      • over 2 years ago

      I comparison shop, and JCP is now off my list. I do not even try any more. They stopped offering sales and discounts, and NOTHING is rock bottom, like the ads say.

      I have been shopping there since I was 5 years old w/ my Mom....40 years, and now! Who ever had this idea was wrong, and is chasing off the tried and true customers like me and others posting here. Fools!

    • Edwin Behrens OMAHA, NE
      • over 2 years ago

      Completely good store 100% wrecked.

    • K D OMAHA, NE
      • over 2 years ago

      35 year veteran customer left due to poor sales/poor value/much more inconvenience/way more price risk, plus extremely misleading advertising (lying & fraudulent than "fair and square"). Examples, 40% markdowns promised, actual changes -%20 to +15%. Calling clearance "best prices" when best prices can get marked down again. The bi-weekly mark-down schedule gets overridden on whims from corporate on a regular basis. Using red tags for regular prices when this color is associated with markdowns/clearance at all other retailers. No transparency into pricing dates, markdown schedules (% off tiers) or philosophy. Etc Etc Etc Etc. Sorry but if I'm am going to "shop randomly" without ads or catalogs showing me the store merchandise in advance, and the only sales are the whims of the mark-down computer or personnel, then it isn't going to be in an environment with such low value expectations. The inconveniences of an unsearchable website in regards to clearance (can't search by % off, date marked down, etc.), and no more catalogs with item numbers (not everyone has internet?!, and without item numbers you cannot find items in local store stock). The extreme irony of calling these misleading and unfriendly behaviors fair and square literally makes me ill. The whole strategy seems to have been made up in 5 minutes without any regard for customer impact.


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