Evening Standard: STOP ignoring and condoning the genital mutilation of boys!
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Evening Standard: STOP ignoring and condoning the genital mutilation of boys!

    1. Peter Lloyd
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      Peter Lloyd

      London, United Kingdom

Countless men and boys are genitally mutilated through unnecessary circumcision every year. Many suffer physical and psychological damage, while many others die. Currently, London's biggest and most influential newspaper - the Evening Standard - passionately opposes female genital mutilation, yet tacitly encourages male cutting. Ironically, while FGM can sometimes be more severe, MGM is far more commonplace - and still causes pain, damage and trauma. Trying to define circumcision as a feminist issue is political and sexist, not humane. I've asked the publication's editor, Sarah Sands, to widen her newspaper's policy to be inclusive of both genders, but to date she has actively ignored all of my correspondence - along with the men and boys of London. This petition is designed to change that.


Sarah Sands, Editor, Evening Standard
For the Evening Standard newspaper to include men and boys in their opposition to involuntary, unnecessary circumcision.

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      Peter Lloyd
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    2. More shocking proof that circumcision needs to stop...

      Peter Lloyd
      Petition Organizer
      Alabama man claims penis mistakenly amputated

      Johnny Lee Banks, Jr., from Birmingham, Alabama, went for the routine procedure last month but awoke to find his penis was gone In a lawsuit against the hospital and doctors, he said he had never been warned that losing all of his penis would be a possibility By Associated Press and Daily Mail Reporter An Alabama man awoke from a routine circumcision to find doctors had mistakenly amputated his penis, according to a lawsuit.

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      • 29 days ago

      Circumcision is not important anymore, because God choose the Christians to continue the former Jewish heritage, and Jesus Christ deemed it unnecessary anymore.

      • 2 months ago

      Reading about this issue and the affect it has on men for not having had the choice makes me sick. When an adult man no longer wants to father a child he can choose to have a vasectomy but is often given no choice when it comes to circumcision (in reality, male mutilation). Our bodies are fine the way they are made and for this 'practice' to be ignored by the media, the government and feminists (who claim to be for both genders yet do nothing on this topic) is completely horrific.

    • Lawrence Newman PERTH, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      Circumcision is a euphemism for genital mutilation. It is not a therapeutic medical procedure, it is an act of sexual suppression. The foreskin is the tissue almost exclusively where sexual sensations originate on the penis. Non-consensual, medically unnecessary circumcision ruined my life when it was done to me at 14. It destroys sexual pleasure and is at least as sexually damaging as type 2 FGM.

    • Michaela Bordessoule EAST GRINSTEAD, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 3 months ago

      It is a mutilation as any other. Causes unnecessary suffering. Has impact on male sexual arousal. Visually not pleasing. Based purely on historical reasons which have no ground in modern society.

    • Brittany Goodnite FORT HOOD, TX
      • 3 months ago

      All forms of circumcision is immoral and wrong to do to a child. Why do parents condone MGM and frown upon FGM?! Disgusting double standards.


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