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stop gypsies trying to steal my chickens

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      ruse, Bulgaria

i raised them from baby chicks and let them sleep in my bed when it was cold, now if they wander into the street the roma people try to steal them. i caught them twice but the local police say 'thats what gypsies do, its normal'. they are my hens and i rely on the eggs for food. theres no shop here to buy eggs, i have to walk to the next town.
i cant do my chores on the farm because i have to watch the street for gypsies.

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    • Shaela Strata MONTGOMERY, TX
      • about 2 years ago

      So if they're that valuble to you, why are they not penned up, or kept inside (assuming that's where your bed is) when you're not there, or the majority of the time. ad go outside only when you can supervise them.

      Thhe Roma people, are opportunists. The street is probably considered public property, so in theory, anything in the street unttended or not registered (car, vehicles, bikes) is also public in their opinion, such as when one finds money laying in the road. There's no way to know whom it belongs too, unless one hears a person shouting about it.

      There ARE such things as chicken leashes believe it or not. and probably, if your birds are tame, which I assume they are, then you could make leashes for them, or what we call a chicken tractor here, basically a cage with no bottom, that can be moved around. so chickens can be contained but still peck and scratch the piece of ground under the cage. The cage can easily be pulled aound, so the chickens can have a new piece of ground to scratch. another idea, maybe you could put a loose metal band around the chickens leg like the wildlife researchers do with eagles and such, I really don't think the band idea will detur the Roma, as if they plan on eating the poor thing, the band won't stop them.

      The best bet, would be to keep them from roaming onto "public property" (the street).

      It seems to me, that the Roma are a sort of scavenger, and will keep waiting, until they can get away with something especially if they know that the police don't really care.

      So if your chickens keep wandering, they'll keep waiting.

      If it seems unlikly that they'll get a "prize" your chicken, then they'll give up to find a pirze eleswhere.

      I hope one of these ideas work for you.

      Our cops (police) don't generally care about "the little guy" either, their too busy arresting people for trying to keep chicken over here.


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