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      Fans of the Ottawa Senators

This petition has been drafted solely for the purpose of providing a platform for the many silent fans of the Ottawa Senators NHL club.

For many years, the club, through excellent ownership, management and coaching has enjoyed great success. A combination of success and a positive atmosphere has given the fans in the Ottawa area and across the country, a reason to pick the Senators as their preferred team. This was a team with skill, pride and character. In its current state, it also contains many great players who we the fans can relate to and cheer for. It is still a team with great character and a drive to win.

What it lacks is pride.

At this point in time we have seen the long-time face, heart and soul of the franchise (Daniel Alfredsson) walk away from his beloved second-home and country for supposed contractual issues among other reasons.

At this point in time, our most recent captain, Jason Spezza has also moved to greener pastures, for reasons pertaining to a team commitment to winning.

At this point in time, there is uncertainty among fans that any of Ottawa's star players will choose to extend their careers with this team and city due to one thing, and seemingly one thing only - the players want to play on a team that wants to win.


Years ago Eugene Melnyk, the current owner of the Ottawa Senators saved this club, and brought to it financial stability in a time of great need. For this, we, the fans will always be grateful. He has given us a team over the years that can compete day in and day out.

As it is a private ownership, Mr. Melnyk is entitled to handle the team and its operation as he sees fit.

With this said, the fans can no longer accept the current state of their beloved franchise. For reasons that this petition will not begin to speculate upon, Mr. Melnyk seems content to now deliver a sub-par, cost-focused operation.

As nearly 20,000 fans invest their hard-earned dollars into this club at least 41 times a season through ticket sales alone, we are now frustrated. Is it our right to demand change? No it’s not, as stated above, Mr. Melnyk can operate this team as he sees fit. Can we complain and voice our opinion? Yes we can.


We, the fans of the Ottawa Senators NHL club want a commitment to winning from Mr. Melnyk. It is most unfortunate that we can not simply leave or ask to be traded. We have too much pride for that anyway. The Ottawa Senators are our team, and we expect the best.

If Mr. Melnyk can not provide this team the needed finances to flourish in the NHL, or compete with other teams financially, we would ask kindly for the following:

1) Please disclose the reasons for the current financial state of our favourite team, and plans to rectify such reasons.


2) Please provide a clear road-map to prosperity.

If these requests can not, or will not be met, then, we, the fans respectfully ask the following:

1) Please sell this team to someone with the means to make this a sought-after, well respected club again.



Fans abroad of the Ottawa Senators




Eugene Melnyk
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      Hi everyone, thank you for signing the petition - it's still very early on, and nothing may come of this, but it would be nice for it to get more exposure. I only have a few followers on Twitter, but if you all shared the link


      on your various accounts, that would be greatly appreciated. Post it on Twitter, Facebook, and the various Senators blogs out there.

      Thanks again for your support.

      Eugene Melnyk: Respond to the fans

      This petition has been drafted solely for the purpose of providing a platform for the many silent fans of the Ottawa Senators NHL club. For many...

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      • 4 months ago

      I CARE.

    • Steve Reading KANATA, CANADA
      • 4 months ago

      Because Senator's fans deserve a team we can be proud of and that wants to win. Being a low budget team is not the way to do it.

      • 4 months ago

      This team is my heart and soul


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