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Reinstate Science Teacher and Espanola-NEA President John Reese

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      Espanola National Education Association

      Santa Fe, NM

The rights of all school employees to defend themselves and the learning environment of our students is essential for student success. We stand behind John Reese, a dedicated teacher and as President of Espanola-NEA. He should be reinstated to active duty as a Science teacher at Espanola Valley High School.

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    • Mildred Martinez FAIRVIEW, NM
      • about 3 years ago

      It is totally uncalled for - some student(s) themselves know how the ADMINISTRATION do not take the responsibility to make the RIGHT choices. Mr. John Reese (faculty) has the right to defend himself when a student gets physically aggressive towards him. The students that are not RESPECTFUL and always causing friction; whether it be among other students, faculty, staff or parents need to be expelled. This is the message that the Espanola Public School administration is giving to the students - it is alright to harass or intimidate others. Parents who don't take the responsibility of the "action" of their child when it is violence towards another human being is WRONG!! It has been shown how the good students get intimidated by security, staff or administration and get the whole nine yards on discipline. SO DO THIS FOR THE ACTUAL TROUBLE MAKERS! This why the school district always loose the GOOD teachers; for the wrong decisions that the administration make.

    • Jeff Genauer ALBUQUERQUE, NM
      • about 3 years ago

      The Espanola Valley needs all of the smart, dedicated, talented teachers like John Reese that we can get. John should not be fired over an incident in which he was attacked by a student from outside his class and the school failed to respond to his call for help. Give John a second chance!

    • Lucy Begay FARMINGTON, NM
      • about 3 years ago

      Every person has the right to protect him or herself. Justice will only be served when John is reinstated to his teaching position.

    • Claudia Kienholz SEATTLE, WA
      • about 3 years ago

      When a system fails its teachers, penalizing the teacher is scapegoating and is the wrong response. Firing John Reese may temporarily draw attention away the district and the deeper issues that created the danger, but it does nothing to make the students at Española Valley High School any safer and it deprives them the opportunity for a quality, real-world-grounded science education that they will carry with them throughout their lives. He should be reinstated and the school board should identify and correct the actual problem that lead to this very unfortunate incident.

    • Joel Kushins OAKLAND, CA
      • about 3 years ago

      I have known John Reese for 20 years. He has been a guest at my home many times and very respectful to my family, especially my children. I am always captivated when he tells wonderful stories about his life’s experiences. His enthusiasm for teaching science must captivate his students, as well. John is a great role model and mentor. Your students need John as much as John needs your students. I know you will make the right decision and retain John Reese as the passionate science teacher he is, at Espanola Valley High School.


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