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ESCO Corporation Discrimination - Cancer Victim & Job Loss after 39 years with company. Compensate your employee.
  • Petitioned Calvin Collins

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President and CEO
Calvin Collins
Sr. Vice President
Jon Owens
City of Portland Mayor
Charlie Hales
Oregon Newspaper
Oregonian Editor
Scott Nelson
Senior Vice President
Ray Verlinich
Senior Vice President
Kevin Thomas
Vice President, Investor & Government Relations and Communications
Rob Cornilles
Senior Vice President
Nick Blauwiekel
KATU On Your Side Investigators
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ESCO Corporation Discrimination - Cancer Victim & Job Loss after 39 years with company. Compensate your employee.

    1. Holly Hicks
    2. Petition by

      Holly Hicks

      Gresham, OR

Cancer Victim's Plea: "Calvin Collins, please approve Paul's unemployment benefits so we can pay for my cancer treatments."

39 year company veteran loses his job without compensation.

Fairness and privacy rights in the workplace are important issues! No one should be treated differently because they don't have an certain title, work in a certain department, or have a relative in high places. Company policies should be applicable for all employees. Companies should also offer compassion and options when their employees have circumstances that may put their job in jeopardy.

ESCO Corporation: Please step up and approve unemployment benefits for Paul Hicks - Help save his wife's life!

Portland, Oregon: On September 5th, 2012, ESCO Corporation told their employees that the company was conducting a "universal" drug screening test and that all employees would have to participate on that day.

1. Universal implies that everyone is under the same policy and rules and should have been included in the procedure. Many upper management and various other employees were exempt from the procedure and not tested.

2. Privacy rights were broken when the company conducted their screenings in a group setting. This allowed everyone to see who passed or failed as the HR person escorted those who failed away. Employees also had the ability to visually see other employee test samples that were under suspect.

3. The company conducted themselves in a brutal and humiliating manner without any discretion to their employees.

It was common knowledge that a large layoff was coming very soon. Esco Corp decided that they needed a fast and dirty way to get rid of a lot of employees first so they could save $$$.

Paul Hicks was one of many employees that failed their test that day and was fired. His test showed a "trace" of marijuana in the results. Could it have been from Second Hand Exposure to his wife's use of marijuana while undergoing cancer treatments? Could it have been from taking a few puffs to escape the world of cancer they have been living with? Do either of these things warrant firing a 39 year employee with a shining record?

ESCO didn't care to know any details nor did they allow Paul to talk to anyone concerning his test results.

Paul was a dedicated employee for 39 years with a highly respected and spotless record with the company. His father also worked for ESCO Corp for 33 years. A total of 72 years his family was tied to this company's upcoming 100th year anniversary in business.

While taking care of his wife for seven stressful months through her chemo therapy treatments, he continued to work 10-12 hour days to keep his job tasks on track for ESCO.

1. ESCO took away his income, his unemployment benefits and his health insurance.
2. ESCO took away his wife's ability to finish her Cancer Treatments.
3. ESCO violently took away his dignity.
4. ESCO has shown no compassion, nor had the decency to contact him regarding his termination or to thank him for all the years he gave the company.

We are petitioning ESCO Corporation:

1. Please approve unemployment benefits for Paul Hicks for his dedication of 39 years to your company. 

2. Please stop discriminating and ensure all employees have to follow the same rules and procedures of your policies.

3. Please stop violating employees right to privacy.

4. Please show compassion and allow your employees the opportunity to redeem themselves if extenuating circumstances have put their job at risk.

5. Please take better care of your employees.

ESCO Corporation's Executive Team
Calvin Collins: President and CEO
Ray Verlinich: Senior Vice President
Nick Blauwiekel: Senior Vice President
Jon Owens: Senior Vice President
Francois Baril: Senior Vice President
Kevin Thomas: Senior Vice President

ESCO Corporation's Board of Directors
Steve Pratt, Calvin Collins, Peter F. Adams, Frank Alvarez, Stephen Babson, Peter F. Bechen, Hank Swigert, Robert Warren, Jr.


Recent signatures


    1. ESCO Corporation Calvin Collins Receives Petition Signatures

      Holly Hicks
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Supporters,

      Yesterday I delivered packets with our petition signatures, articles and other information to ESCO Corporation’s president Calvin Collins. I attended their company’s Business Breakfast Briefing held at the Multnomah Athletic Club with Jasmine, a member of Portland Rising Tide. Paul was unable to attend as he was having a medical procedure done across town.

      I had the opportunity to hand a packet directly to Calvin Collins who took it, smirked at me, tossed it on a table and walked away. Very disrespectful but totally expected.

      Thank you for all your support,
      Paul and Holly Hicks

    2. Update from Holly and Paul Hicks

      Holly Hicks
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Supporters,

      We now have 400 signatures and are ready to print and delivery them to Calvin Collins. Paul is facing a health issue that the doctors feel have existed since before he was terminated from ESCO. Calvin will never know if he fired a 39 year employee because the test result was a false positive. ESCO didn't care or offer Paul a chance to retest.

      Although ESCO never responded to our call for help and request to recognize Paul's 39 years of service to them, we feel victory in the fact that we stood up for ourselves and others in bringing awareness to this company's unfair workplace practices. We have flooded the internet with articles, press releases, social network feeds and even a new website. These will remain active and will follow the company around for years.

      A humble and heartfelt thank you to every person that signed our signature.
      Surviving, one day at a time and so grateful to be alive.
      Holly and Paul Hicks

    3. Decision-maker KOIN News responds:

      KOIN News

      Please remove KOIN6 from your mailing list. We have evaluated your story and will contact you should we wish to pursue a story. Continued mailings will not be responded to.

    4. Update regarding our petition - Holly Hicks

      Holly Hicks
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Supporters,

      Below are new details regarding our battle with ESCO Corporation:

      1. We received the 3rd denial from unemployment a few days ago.
      Disappointed but not defeated. We will continue to be advocates of fairness in the workplace.

      3. Please click the links below and support our new petition at causes.com

      PETITION - sign and share

      CAUSE - join and support

      I hope your new year is starting out with good health and tons of smiles.
      Thank you for your continued support!
      Holly and Paul Hicks


      Causes.com: Build Awareness, Fundraise, and Advocate for Change | causes.com

      Causes is built to create change. If you've ever thought about organizing a boycott, creating a petition, or raising money for a good cause, you've come to the right place.

    5. Update from Paul and Holly

      Holly Hicks
      Petition Organizer

      Dear Warriors,

      We have 269 signers supporting our petition and each one is so appreciated.

      As Paul searches for employment that includes health benefits, we are still on hold with the unemployment department. Paul applied for a final appeal to overturn the two denials and we were told we'd hear back within 40 days.

      Calvin Collins, President of ESCO Corporation continues to ignore our request for communication. We will continue to fight and flood the internet with press releases and published articles about our story. Unfairness and discrimination in the workplace is not acceptable and won't be tolerated.

      Please take a moment to share our link with others and if you'd like to send a personal note to Calvin Collins, his email address is: calvin.collins@escocorp.com

      Paul and I wish everyone a safe and healthy Christmas filled with God's grace.

      Holly Hicks


    6. Reached 250 signatures
    7. Update about our petition that you signed.

      Holly Hicks
      Petition Organizer

      Thank you so much for your continued support over the past few weeks.
      We are now up to 177 signatures and growing daily. Please continue to share our petition link as often as you can. Upcoming goals include distributing flyers in NW Portland to bring awareness of ESCO's brutal methods inside management.

      ESCO Corporation Discrimination - Cancer Victim & Job Loss after 39 years with company. Compensate your employee.

      Thanks again, Paul & Holly Hicks

      ESCO Corporation - Calvin Collins - President: Stop discriminating & violating employee privacy rights & provide options!

      39 year company veteran loses his job without compensation. Fairness and privacy rights in the workplace are important issues! No one should be...

    8. Reached 100 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • William Hurlbut LOMPOC, CA
      • 10 months ago

      I'll dealing with cancer also.

    • Burnita Henderson GAINESVILLE, FL
      • 10 months ago

      I believe in loyalty! After years of working for a company how can you turn your back in the time of the persons need? It's important that this doesn't keep happening in other companies.

    • Vincent Bianco Jr RICHMOND, VA
      • about 1 year ago

      This is not what America is about!!!

    • Mike Pierce ARLINGTON,, TX
      • about 1 year ago

      If you are someone in your family have ever had cancer you would know the challenges you and your family are faced with. As always it's amazing how a company can exclude certain people just like the government. This is not the old ESCO that I have known in the past

    • Carrie McCarthy COBOURG, CANADA
      • about 1 year ago

      Anyone with cancer deserves to have coverage for their treatments. This was completely unfair that ESCO takes away the benefits, healthcare is far to expensive for a family to cover on their own. If they ever thought drugs were a problem, why not have a meeting, explain that random drug testing procedures are going to happen, help anyone who wants to keep their job get clean of any drugs so you can have the best employees on the floor. I hope that Calvin Collins will review because I can almost guarantee that he has probably smoked or tried some sort of illegal drugs in his life, why not have a drug test on him. Best wishes to the family. With love and support,

      Carrie McCarthy


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