Escambia Academy: Give Chelsey Ramer her diploma and transcripts and revoke the $1,000 fine for wearing a lone Eagle feather.
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Escambia Academy: Give Chelsey Ramer her diploma and transcripts and revoke the $1,000 fine for wearing a lone Eagle feather.

    1. Justin Neal
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      Justin Neal


Escambia Academy in Atmore, Alabama has fined the graduating senior Chelsey Ramer $1,000 and are holding her diploma and graduating transcripts in ransom because she hung a lone eagle feather alongside her cap’s tassel during the May 23 commencement ceremony.

Chelsey, a member of the Porch Creak Band of Indians tribe, told Indian Country Today Media that the feather was an important spiritual and cultural symbol of pride.

Denying her right to wear a subtle and appropriately displayed Eagle feather during her graduating ceremony, then fining her and holding her diploma and transcripts hostage is appalling and violates her religious rights. The Academy is discriminating against her Native American heritage. This decision must be repealed immediately, the fine revoked, and her certificate issued as soon as possible.

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      Justin Neal
      Petition Organizer
      Native American Feather Sparks Graduation Debate: Schools' Tough Rules for Grads

      A growing number of high school seniors are getting the surprise of their life this graduation season-and it's not keys to a new car. Instead, it's the news from their schools that they'll be banned from their commencement ceremony or denied a diploma. And it's safe to say the reasons are unfair, if not downright bizarre.


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    • MJ HawkSpirit Everhart NEW PROVIDENCE, PA
      • over 1 year ago

      We should not punish people for their heritage, especially those who are still proud enough to embrace it.

    • Esteban Sevilla SANTA ANA, COSTA RICA
      • over 1 year ago

      Because this is discrimination and racism! Proselitism in it's most pure form!

    • Katie Belk RICHLAND, WA
      • over 1 year ago

      The Eagle feather is a sign of this girl's culture. She didn't even sign the contract, therefore was under no obligation to adhere to it. The feather wasn't offensive, it's not like she wore a placard saying "F*ck this I'm out." It's a feather representing that she made significant accomplishment in her life and is a tradition that she is very proud of. And well she should be. What does it gain the school (except perhaps $1,000 in their pocket) to deny her the right to wear a symbol of her heritage or her diploma once she took a stand?

    • fayeannette parsons BEAR LAKE, MI
      • over 1 year ago

      enough is enough-it's time our ways are respected-

    • Michael Irons BELLEVUE, NE
      • over 1 year ago

      I think she has every right to want to stand up for her people and show the pride she has in such a great accomplishment. And besides its the kids' graduation, not the adults, if they don't take offense to it, then why should the adults?


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