Ensure decisions on atrazine are based on transparent, independent science
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Ensure decisions on atrazine are based on transparent, independent science

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      Pesticide Action Network North America

For over a year now we’ve been watching the Agency’s long-overdue review of atrazine. Now EPA is accepting comments on a new petition to pull the use of atrazine, pointing to misleading industry-funded science that has kept this common herbicide on the market.

In the petition now before EPA an independent scientist analyzes industry-funded reviews of the effects of atrazine on fish and frogs, and finds this:

[The] industry-funded review misrepresented more than 50 studies and included 122 inaccurate and 22 misleading statements. Of these inaccurate and misleading statements, 96.5% seem to benefit the makers of atrazine in that they support the safety of the chemical.

Syngenta-funded science is biased, in other words. Join us in calling EPA's attention to this fact. 

Over the next two weeks we have an opportunity to send a clear message. We want any and all decisions on atrazine to be based on transparent, independent science, and we want decisions to be undertaken in the public interest.

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    • Andrew Olsen SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • almost 3 years ago

      Atrazine. It's in our lakes, streams and drinking water at levels that make a difference to human health. Scientists link exposure to increased risk of birth defects, infertility and possibly cancer.


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