Hire Back Kevin Brown in the mornings
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Hire Back Kevin Brown in the mornings

    1. Darla  Neal
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      Darla Neal

After 22 years of faithful service at KBLX Radio Station, program director and on-air personality, your “Cousin” Kevin Brown has been fired. KBLX as we know it exists no more. The new owners, Entercom Communications Corp, announced on Friday, April 27th they have replaced “Cousin Kevin” with the syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show. The Steve Harvey show is tape delayed and broadcast from the east coast. It’s generic content will not speak directly to the Bay area Community as Kevin Brown did every morning.

Beginning May 7, there will be no more listener interaction in the morning-- the personal contact is gone! Your favorite segments, “Over and Under 30” are gone! “Hollywood Minute” – GONE! “Strange but True” – GONE! The Bay Area deserves a morning show produced here at home with the familiar voice of our community. WE WANT KEVIN BROWN BACK!

Prior to this shocking announcement, Entercom Communications Corp said they would not change the station’s format. In a statement issued by Entercom on April 2, 2012, CEO David J. Field stated, “KBLX ……has a long history of producing distinctive and compelling programming ….” Further, in the April 27th press release issued (the same date that Kevin Brown was fired), Entercom’s San Francisco Vice President and Market Manager, Dwight Walker said, “KBLX has done a magnificent job of servicing the local community”. With all of this said, their word means nothing. Before the ink was dry on the sales agreement they not only fired Kevin Brown (the heart of the station) they also fired longtime General Manager Harvey Stone and longtime Vice President Barry Rose. These people made KBLX what it is today. We strongly urge that they be rehired immediately.

These unwarranted firing decisions clearly demonstrate that Entercom has a complete disconnect with our Bay area community; they are a corporation that is out of touch with the mass audience that KBLX serves.

KBLX is an essential, relevant and vibrant community-based, Urban Adult radio station that services minority businesses, informs the community, and plays music that speaks and represents the diverse Urban Adult community of the Bay Area. Big corporations have run through the Bay Area and turned OUR stations into cookie cutter styled stations, duplicated across the country. These generic types of radio stations do not speak directly to the markets they service. Now, our long standing, lone soldier, KBLX is on its way to becoming another casualty.

It is important that KBLX continues its commitment to the Adult Urban Community and maintain the format and programming that speaks to us directly.

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    • Kimy Leung SAN JOSE, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      Cousin Kevin Brown along with Nikki Thomas and Joe McConnell were a great team. I listened because they made me laugh every morning and it made me actually look forward to my morning commute. It's not the same without Cousin Kevin and I have no reason to listen in the morning without him.

    • Maggie Sanchez SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I miss Kevin Brown!!

    • Deborah Davis SAN JOSE, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      Kevin had me laughing every week, we need him back.

    • Bernard Martin OAKLAND, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I loved listening to Cousin Kev, I could relate to him becasue he is from here, he knows what I am going through, I knew that as I drove to work, I could get a really good laugh at the world, and my self. I have listened to the Steve Harvey show, and I have come to realize that the new show does not go to 10am like Kevin did with his morning show. You need to bring him back he understands what the Bay needs and he had his hand on the pulse of our lives, he is was not being piped in he was here with us.

    • Allen Jones SAN FRANCISCO, CA
      • over 2 years ago

      I am greatly offended by Steve Harvey saying that we "Asked for Steve Harvey."

      I think harvey is talented but there is a level of buffonery that his program has that I do not believe is needed or wanted in the Bay Area.


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