Enough Food Recalls! Put Violators on Notice
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Enough Food Recalls! Put Violators on Notice

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A half-billion recalled eggs? Let’s fix this already!

When we can’t even trust the eggs in our own refrigerators, there’s an obvious problem with our food safety system. Yet a bill that would help prevent deadly outbreaks and hold producers of poisoned food accountable – rather than wasting our time and money tracking them down after the fact – remains stuck in the Senate.

Let's move this bill now! Senators will soon return to Washington, and we need your voice to push food safety to the top of the priority list. The House passed its food safety bill more than a year ago, and since then there have been 60 recalls – including a half-billion eggs!

Unless consumers speak out and demand better inspections, testing, and oversight of food producers, we will continue to face costly and deadly recalls. 

Tell your Senators to pass the food safety bill when they return after Labor Day – safer food can’t wait!

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