Endocrinologists: Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction Demand Better Care
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Endocrinologists: Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction Demand Better Care

    1. Thyroid Change™
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      Thyroid Change™

      Hawthorne, NJ

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Thyroid patients are increasingly aware that there is a deficiency in thyroid knowledge among endocrinologists. As specialists of the endocrine system, the title, endocrinologist, expresses expertise and richness in experience. Despite the promise of this title, we, the patients with thyroid dysfunction, are still suffering. The quality of our lives is diminished due to the difficulty we have finding doctors who are effective in thyroid management. The patient experience seems to demonstrate that there are large numbers of endocrinologists who are unable to diagnose thyroid disorder and/or have outdated knowledge of treatment methods.

Please sign this petition in an effort to increase awareness of this problem and hopefully, effect change. Then, spread the word for others to join us: e-mail, tweet, post this petition to your support groups and Facebook profile. "Like" us on Facebook. "Follow" us on Twitter. We need a large support base to gain the credibility we deserve. Visit ThyroidChange for further resources and information.

The petition calls for the following actions:

1) Doctors must demonstrate proficiency in diagnosis of and treatments in thyroid disorders BEFORE receiving his/her board certification in Endocrinology. This could be a more comprehensive section of the existing board examination that includes the use of testing Free T3, Free T4, Reverse T3, thyroid antibodies along with TSH.  Endocrinologists should also be proficient in the use of thyroid treatment which includes the use of natural dessicated thyroid medication, T3-only medication, T4-only medication, as well as combination therapies.

2) Board-certified endocrinologists who treat thyroid disorder must keep up-to-date on current thyroid disorder treatments. Such treatments should be incorporated into the already established continued medical education (CME) programs. Continuing education in this area should be maintained to keep certification in Endocrinology. It is inexcusable that endocrinologists are treating thyroid patients and not reading current practices in that discipline such as the use of natural thyroid, T3-only medication and T3/T4 combination therapies.

Many patients are speaking out about the inadequacy of T4-only synthetic drugs. Patients on natural thyroid typically express the improvement in the quality of their life. Improvements are also reported by patients using T3/T4 treatments or T3-only, as opposed to synthetic T4-only. However, T4 synthetic drugs are usually the only prescriptions considered. The dosage on the prescription is based on TSH level. Patients report that the TSH level does not necessarily correlate with symptoms. Thus, a patient may have a target TSH level, but still be under-treated. New tests, such as Free T3, Reverse T3 and Free T4, tell a revealing story; however, endocrinologists generally are not utilizing these tests. Instead, they test for Total T4 and Total T3, but these do not quantify what hormones are free and useable within the body.

Patients with thyroid dysfunction complain of difficulty with mood management and lethargy. To remedy this, endocrinologists recommend anti-depressants or refer us to psychiatrists. This is a travesty and an oversight. Research demonstrates an improvement of depression using T3 medication. However, thyroid patients find it challenging to find endocrinologists willing to prescribe Cytomel or natural thyroid, which contain T3. The failure of an endocrinologist to correctly attribute the psychological and systemic symptoms of a thyroid patient to thyroid dysfunction perpetuates the patient's illness. This usually leads to the prescription of a pharmaceutical that may alleviate the reported symptoms, but ignores the root cause; the mismanaged thyroid.

Thyroid dysfunction and ineffective treatment of thyroid dysfunction is also correlated with high cholesterol levels. When a patient has high cholesterol, endocrinologists prescribe dangerous statins when T3 supplementation can lower our cholesterol more safely.

Endocrinologists may be skilled in diabetes and innovative in this sub-specialty, but appear to be lacking the knowledge and expertise in thyroid diagnoses and management.  This is unacceptable. As a result, patients are forced to self-educate, self-treat or worse, receive inadequate treatment and suffer needlessly. Many patients feel failed by the medical community and are turning to online sources and sharing knowledge. One such online source is the method pioneered by Paul Robinson who has created and published a method of administering thyroid hormone, mainly T3, according to circadian rhythm or T3CM. Patients are finding relief with his T3CM method. Paul Robinson is not a doctor, rather, he is a patient who has suffered over twenty years from inadequate thyroid treatment.

This petition is bringing the underground movement created by thyroid patients the mainstream attention that it deserves. This is an international patient revolution, and we demand change. It is inexcusable that patients continually encounter endocrinologists who perpetuate their illnesses by insufficient or outdated knowledge.

Each signature on this petition represents a patient, or a person who loves a patient who has been misdiagnosed, mistreated or dismissed by their endocrinologist. There must be someone who takes notice and hears our voice. Read our stories. We are collectively asking our endocrinologists to hear our plea. This petition is our initiative to restore our faith in our doctors.We believe that with awareness will come change. Please help us end the unnecessary suffering of thyroid patients worldwide.

Written by: Michelle T. Bickford

Edited by: Denise Rodriguez

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      Thank you so much for your continued support of ThyroidChange! We have received word that we have achieved our official 501c3 status and are a federally tax-exempt charity (US). We could not have done this without your funding support!

      To thank our supporters, Dr. Hotze agree to do a FREE webinar for our supporters regarding thyroid hormone. Please feel free to view it as it will be available until Monday for viewing:

      Be sure to click on the link for Dr. Hotze's FB page if you have any questions as he will be answering them as he is able.

      Thank you again for all of your support!

      Cheers to your good health!


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      On September 20, 2013, ThyroidChange, Inc was formed under 12A:2-6 of the New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Act. Congratulations!

      We are now moving for federal nonprofit status!

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      WE NEED CHANGE! Help ThyroidChange (www.ThyroidChange.org) become a nonprofit organization dedicated to change in the treatment of thyroid disease! Patients worldwide are suffering due to current guidelines in the treatment of hypothyroidism. This situation motivated thousands worldwide to unite as the ThyroidChange community.

    5. Local Feature on ThyroidChange Co-Founder, Michelle Bickford

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      ThyroidChange Co-Founder, Michelle Bickford, is featured by her local paper in New Jersey, USA.

      Hawthorne resident launches an organization to help hypothyroidism victims

      When Hawthorne resident Michelle Bickford, 36, had what she calls a "crash" after the birth of her third daughter, doctors attributed it to post-partum depression. She refused the diagnosis and instead went after the medical community for not properly addressing the illness she's lived with for most of her life: hypothyroidism.

    6. ThyroidChange's Wall Street Journal Mention

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      ThyroidChange is mentioned in this article regarding our movement for improved thyroid treatment!


      Why are so many hypothyroid patients organizing and agitating?

      Some people with hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid glands, are organizing and agitating. Their complaint? That traditional means for diagnosing and treating the condition don't work for all patients.

    7. ThyroidChange is fundraising to become a nonprofit organization!

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      We know that we cannot stop until we create the needed change evidenced by this petition. We are 75% funded in only 3 weeks. Please help us keep momentum by making a donation. Every amount brings us closer to becoming a charitable organization.


      Help ThyroidChange Become A Nonprofit Organization, 501(c)(3)

      WE NEED CHANGE! Help ThyroidChange (www.ThyroidChange.org) become a nonprofit organization dedicated to change in the treatment of thyroid disease! Patients worldwide are suffering due to current guidelines in the treatment of hypothyroidism. This situation motivated thousands worldwide to unite as the ThyroidChange community.

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    9. We Need Change Video

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      Have you seen our video to spread awareness about this petition and resulting movement? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-7AkhKhDsA&feature=youtu.be&hd=1

      Please share it with every person you can. You will help us create change and spread awareness to other patients that there are treatment options and tests beyond TSH. So many are suffering unaware!

      WE NEED CHANGE (by ThyroidChange)

      Current diagnosing and treatment guidelines for thyroid patients are leaving many thyroid patients undiagnosed, under-treated or suffering on the wrong medication. We need your help to facilitate greater awareness for better care among thyroid patients. Please share this video. We need vast public awareness to make our voices heard and to effect change in thyroid health care.

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    11. Pennsylvania Senators Respond To Our Congressional Letter!

      Thyroid Change™
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      Senators Toomey and Murphy from Pennsylvania have forwarded our congressional letter for change in thyroid care to the Washington D.C. office for review. A ThyroidChange collaborator also has a meeting with the Senators in December 2012. Wish us luck!

      Read our congressional letter here: http://www.thyroidchange.org/letter-to-policy-maker/ and mail your state congressmen or policy maker!

    12. Decision-maker American Medical Association- Council Of Medical Education responds:

      American Medical Association- Council Of Medical Education

      Where is it being sent?

    13. Reached 6,000 signatures

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      Please join us at ThyroidChange where we have various translations of the petition, as well as helpful information for our supporters.

    15. Hormones Matter!

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      Please read this voice regarding the petition provided by Lucine Biotechnology, Inc.'s Blog: Hormones Matter. Please consider sharing your voice with ThyroidChange.

    16. Welcome ThyroidChange!

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      ThyroidChange began with this petition, but had now evolved into a web-based initiative to unite the thyroid community and give global support to each initiative. Together, we WILL change the future of thyroid care!

    17. Welcome International Petition Ambassadors

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      We are still looking for other ambassadors for other languages. If you would like to become an International Petition Ambassador, simply respond to this post or message us, and we will add you to the list. Basic description of duties is found on FB. Click on the link below.

      Australia/New Zealand: Tracey Keen
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      Built by a fellow thyroid patient who was looking for support, Thyroidboards.com is an expansive community of patients with thyroid dysfunction. It is a network of thyroid patients sharing information and offering emotional support. This community is thriving and serves all those who are seeking other thyroid patients because we have a unique bond due to our shared journey.

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      Please check out the websites and blogs that are currently supporting our petition. Some excellent reading material! Click on the link below...

    23. Our 1st Interview

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      Check out this interview with the author, Michelle Teresa, and editor, Denise Rodriguez of this petition. Find out more about the petition and how it came to be:

    24. Thyroid Support Ireland (TSI) offers their support!

      Thyroid Change™
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      Founded by Shan Kelly, TSI aims to provide thyroid patients living in Ireland with information about thyroid illness and the latest treatment available in Ireland and abroad. TSI also provides patient-to-patient support for those living with thyroid disease and to those aiming to improve their health.


    Reasons for signing

      • about 5 hours ago

      We need to have choice so that we can live a full and energetic life. Live well, be well. Be happy and well!!!

    • Heidi Decker VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
      • about 6 hours ago

      I went misdiagnosed for years when I specifically went to endocrinologists and told them that I'm suffering with all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

    • Gregory Haugen MALIBU, CA
      • about 8 hours ago

      Because I have Hypotyroidism and lost 72 pounds, then started taking Lyrca for pain. It has caused weight gain and my appetite is rediculously higher than its ever been

      • about 11 hours ago

      Je suis concernée par le même problème

    • Charmaine Wells NEW PLYMOUTH, NEW ZEALAND
      • about 11 hours ago

      I was poorly educated by my doctor, no endo refferal, and have had to research and educate myself :(


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