End the "Pay to Play" campaign practices
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U.S. House of Representatives

End the "Pay to Play" campaign practices

    1. Aaron Norcia
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      Aaron Norcia

      Mesa, AZ

As it is now, for a candidate to run a campaign it is not cheap. Also with an opportunity to govern comes an opportunity for others to sway a candidates opinion through financial contributions. Imagine a country in which our elected leaders made decisions based solely on how it would positively or negatively affect us as a whole. As long as any of us can remember there's been a stigma attached to politics. That stigma is corruption. From Watergate to the "C Street" scandals we've become almost immune to this negativity. I'm proposing a petition to be sent to Congress in an effort to end this greed based reality and elect peoples based on their true values and beliefs. Join me in my efforts for a truly better tomorrow.

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