End the Debt Crisis with debt-free United States Notes!
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End the Debt Crisis with debt-free United States Notes!

    1. Scott Baker
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      Scott Baker

      New York City, NY

Money should belong to the people, not the banks, and should be issued in sufficient quantity to meet the productive capacity of the nation, not withheld from circulation by banks that did nothing to deserve it.

Congress is empowered by Article 1, Section 8, of the United States Constitution to produce debt-free United States Notes at any time, for any reason, and actually DID create them under president Lincoln (the original "Greenbacks" - $450 million) to defeat the South during the Civil War, when New York City banks wanted 24-36% interest.

This is money that would not have to be borrowed (thereby avoiding any debt-ceiling issues), taxed to pay for, or backed by Gold.  It is legal tender, acceptable for all payments, including taxes.

This new money need NOT be inflationary if dedicated towards those areas of society which are in deflation, such as infrastructure. 

U.S. Notes would function as a "Public Option for Money."

A bill sponsored by Representative Dennis Kucinich and John Conyers, the N.E.E.D. Act, HR 2990 (formerly HR6550), would produce U.S. Notes, specifically for infrastructure, Social Security, and universal healthcare, and make the Federal Reserve a department under Treasury - for the first time, a true branch of government.

Even if you don't believe in the full measure of HR 2990, our current debt-ceiling crisis, which comes on the heels of the Federal Reserve pumping $16 trillion into the banking system, leaving most Americans struggling with over 9% unemployment, and asking "Where is my bailout?" points to the need for a real, meaningful - and immediate - solution that would provide jobs and opportunities.

United States Notes were our country's longest-living currency, lasting until the Mid-1990s.  They were accepted everywhere and were widely embraced when they first came out in the late nineteenth century.  It is time again for America to take back its sovereign right to "coin Money" - Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

Support the True Greenback, United States Notes!

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    1. How much money should the Government Produce?

      Scott Baker
      Petition Organizer

      Our petition to produce debt/interest-free U.S. Notes recently passed 500 signatures! Keep it up and let your friends, colleagues and especially political allies, know about this essential step in monetary reform.
      People often ask, "Sovereign money not coming from the banks sounds like a great idea, but won't the government just print money endlessly, resulting in inflation?"
      First, historically, and with rare exceptions like Zimbabwe, which has many, many, other problems, the case has been just the opposite: Government has produced too LITTLE money on its own. It is the private banks, lately the Central Bank, that has produced trillions of excess dollars, mostly based on land speculation and derivatives. The government is not in that business and never will be.
      Second, if you want to know how much money government should produce on its own, a good place to start is the $1 Trillion/year Output Gap. This is what the Fed itself and the CBO say we have lost in productivity since 2008.

    2. Reached 500 signatures
    3. New lawsuit against Geithner to force clarity on U.S. Notes

      Scott Baker
      Petition Organizer

      a lawsuit (which I advised on) has been filed against T. Geithner, to force an end to Treasury's false statement of equivalence between Federal reserve Notes and U.S. coins (though the same logic would apply to U.S. Notes).
      A supporting article may be found below, with a link to the full filing, which has been assigned a judge.
      Although the suit turns on a relatively narrow question of $1 Fed Notes vs. $1 coins, this is a potential game-changer, as it would expose the fiction that debt-money is the same as debt-free money.
      Let's support this in any way we can.

    4. HR 6550 is now HR 2990

      Scott Baker
      Petition Organizer

      Dennis Kucinich and new co-sponsor Rep. John Conyers, have reintroduced the N.E.E.D. Act as HR2990. It is the same bill, but with a new #, and new interest. This bill would place the ability to "coin Money" back in the federal government, instead of relegating it to private bankers.

    5. Ellen Brown writes in favor of Greenbacking

      Scott Baker
      Petition Organizer

      Ellen Brown - head of the Public Banking Institute - writes a powerful new article asking why we need to pay off the debt at all (it hasn't been paid off since 1835), and why we don't eliminate interest payments by simply issuing Greenbacks.

    6. Reached 100 signatures
    7. Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt held by Federal Reserve

      Scott Baker
      Petition Organizer

      Not a Greenback solution, but noteworthy...
      Rep. Ron Paul on Monday introduced legislation that would lower the federal government's debt by canceling roughly $1.6 trillion in debt it owes itself

    8. Reached 50 signatures


    Reasons for signing

    • sam karnatz VERO BEACH, FL
      • about 1 month ago

      We are not free until we create our own money.

    • Tom LaMar KEESEVILLE, NY
      • 3 months ago

      One more; the real game of the banks, especially the federal reserve is the interest on the national debt, now at about $400 Billion/yr...just a few years and we'd be rebuilt, then with indexed tariffs for foreign worker abuses including unlivable low wages, and poor working conditions and pollution of the planet.

    • Tom LaMar KEESEVILLE, NY
      • 3 months ago

      The private banks of this country, including the federal reserve have counterfeited our money for 100 years ! ...and we still survive as a nation with a host of new horrible events imposed on us by the government...such is the power of LABOR and America is general. Debt free money is all, as Germany used after WWI to totally rebuild their country in only 2 years even with the horrid Versailles treaty in place !

    • Todd Levine ST. JAMES, NY
      • 6 months ago

      Converting all US currency into debt-free notes would effectively put an end to the Federal Reserve and their manipulation of the American economy through fractional reserve lending and interest rates which are played like an accordion.

    • Marianne Brandon BRUSSELS, BELGIUM
      • 7 months ago

      What ultimately suffocates our economies and renders economic recovery impossible, is the debt-based and interest-burdened currency, which locks all individuals into the vicious cycle of unrecoverable, ever-growing debts. To give ourselves the chance for recovery, before all else we need to establish a democratically controlled money-supply and debt-free monetary system.


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