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End the cruelty of dog racing in West Virginia
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West Virginia Governor

End the cruelty of dog racing in West Virginia

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      GREY2K USA Worldwide

For years, GREY2K USA has tried to obtain greyhound injury reports for the Tri-State Racetrack in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. During that time, we have been repeatedly denied injury data from state officials. Until now.

According to newly-obtained state records, at least 3,208 greyhound injuries have been reported at this track since 2005, and nearly 200 dogs have died. Further, it’s likely that the actual number of injuries is even higher, as the state still refuses to produce several months of records.

This is a staggering and sad example of the cruelty of greyhound racing. While we have documented severe injury problems at other dog tracks in the past, this is the most severe injury problem we have discovered to date.

Please watch the video we are releasing today, which includes several of the fatal injuries sustained by greyhounds at Tri-State Racetrack in recent years. Also, read the groundbreaking story on this development that was published on the front page today in the Charleston Daily Mail.

For more information go to www.GREY2KUSA.org or read a blog by Executive Director, Carey Theil, Saving Greys.

Please join us in signing the petition to inform Governor Tomblin of this cruelty.

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    2. Charleston Daily Mail Editorializes in Favor of Greyhounds:

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    4. Greyhounds Injured, Killed in West Virginia Dog Races

      Is it okay for dogs to suffer injury and death just so people can watch them run around a track and promoters can make some cash? In West Virginia, apparently so.
      Greyhounds are placed at great risk in the state's dog races. According to the WV paper...

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    • hamza erika DEBRECEN, HUNGARY
      • 3 months ago

      hamza erika

    • Cristina García TORRELODONES, SPAIN
      • 3 months ago

      Yo soy un ser vivo y también he participado en pruevas de atletismo

    • Marie Hoffman FLORHAM PARK, NJ
      • 3 months ago

      Please stop the cruelty to these precious and wonderful dogs.

    • amalia vargas HAINAUT, BELGIUM
      • 3 months ago

      stop that

    • R. Exchaquet BLONAY, SWITZERLAND
      • 3 months ago



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