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"End socioeconomic discrimination in Rockland County following Hurricane Sandy"

    1. Jason Ross
    2. Petition by

      Jason Ross

      New City, NY

Rockland County has been suffering from Hurricane Sandy for over a week. The County utilities, Orange and Rockland, told the citizens of Rockland County electricity will take more than 2 weeks to restore power and in some areas approximately 1 month. This is unacceptable and inexcusable for the citizens of Rockland County when other areas are being restored a lot sooner.

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    • Emily Titon JAMESTOWN, RI
      • almost 2 years ago

      While Rockland County may not be considered as central to some as New York City, many people live and work there, and their needs are just as important and pressing as those in the city. Please don't overlook them in the interests of restoring power and providing relief to New York City only!


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