End "Rush +" WMATA!
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End "Rush +" WMATA!

    1. Aaron Smethurst
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      Aaron Smethurst

      Arlington, VA


The "Rush +" experiment is a failure.  Blue Line riders see three half-empty Orange/Yellow Line trains roll by the station while we wait 15-20 minutes to be packed like sardines into a single Blue Line train. On top of the new inconvenient schedule we are subjected to, we continue to pay "Peak Hour" rates.

WMATA, cancel this failed experiment or give Blue Line riders 75% fare discounts during "Rush +" hours in recognition of our reduced access to service.


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    • Ronald Miller ALEXANDRIA, VA
      • over 2 years ago

      The problem would not be so bad for me if there was some attempt by Metro to coordinate trains for those of us who transfer between Blue and Orange. After waiting 12-13 minutes for a train, I then have to wait 10 minutes at the transfer point. Metro already knows the arrival time of the train. Why not coordinate trains so Blue Line riders have a train arriving in 2 minutes at the transfer station?


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